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  • stsinomo stsinomo Sep 4, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Throw in the Towel - on Anatabloc!

    This product isn't generating sales growth. Wouldn't an effective product naturally grow without any studies needing to "prove" to people that it works?

    Chipper obvious has recognized this by stopping the tracking of website orders.

    Chipper has thrown in the towel... and longs would be wise to join Chippy.

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    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The only towels I've thrown in are the wet ones that suffocate your ridiculous arguments. I'm flattered you tried to use me as an excuse for giving up on STSI, but in reality I'm still here, patiently waiting on the R&D results to be published.

      Having published the results of R&D studies myself, I'm well aware of the various delays one can expect in the formal R&D publishing environment. The new one for me is the political environment and how it needs to be clean and clear before proceeding.

      I promise I'll let you know if and when I truly throw in the towel on STSI. I won't shy away from that decision, if it should come. While you, on the other hand, have already left this board once, only to return with a different name in order to hide your flawed past under "tivonomo". Don't worry, we'll be around to remind new board members that if they want a true history of your biased postings, they should start by searching your old ID.

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      • Chippy, please don't lie. You quit your order tracking for no good reason. The political environment isn't holding back the results. You are just looking for excuses. The financial environment for STSI more than offsets any other factor you will dream up.

        And you really look foolish saying that I "left this board". I never left. I just changed my ID to something more appropriate. I never tried to mislead anyone... much in the way that you do, Chipper, with every single post.

        You clearly quit your order data because it was bad news that confirmed what we already were seeing in the quarterly revenue trends. We all know that because there is no other way to spin it.

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    • Now you are Just a Moron.


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      • LOL

        Love the thumbs down... longs are really frightened by the truth!!

        The truth is that Revenues tell us what studies will eventually tell us. ABloc is a placebo or works on a very narrow range of conditions. If it worked, people would be already buying it in larger numbers.

        I love how certain longs here pull out their multiple IDs to try and bury this post. Nice try... but not going to work!

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    • Your IBS is acting up. Take some Anatabloc and chill out for aq huge change.

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    • starmerger Sep 4, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

      Why are you posting this again? You already posted the same 8 times. Just because people do not run and sell their shares doesnt mean that they havent read it.

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