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  • davepoteet1970 Sep 11, 2013 7:49 AM Flag

    Nancy Lopez

    They are about 25 years too late with signing her. What is she going to do as she does not play any longer? I have a lot of stock but the only news that comes out of this company is #$%$ like this and bad news. What ever happened to all these studies? I guess the results were not what Star wanted so they do not disclose now. If I could get out and break even I would, what a joke.

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    • Dave,
      I tend to avoid all endorsed products by celebrities, but Couples was an exception as he approached them with an enthusiastic endorsement of the product because it worked so well for him. I have enjoyed the benefits as well and therefore will continue to buy and hold the stock. I do believe it will be a good investment and the endorsements can't hurt.
      However, as an astute stockbroker once told me, buy the management not the co. So if you don't trust the mgmt don't buy the co.

    • This is aimed at the demographic that can benefit the most from Anatabloc (seems obvious to me). She is very high profile among that age group, and the ones in it who can best afford Anatabloc PLAY A LOT OF GOLF. Moreover, Anatabloc is at its best in the auto-immune milieu, and these disorders afflict women (depending on which disorder) up to 10x or more than men. Get the picture now? Smart move.

      Just answered the "what happened to studies" question couple of days ago (AGAIN). Guess you don't read much.

      Yeah, wish I could help you and a_holmes out ... of the stock.

    • I cannot say what you should do with your holdings, however, give it a few weeks, you will see the reason and then have an epiphany moment. As for the studies, I would not be worried.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Would a more recent retiree be more recognizable, like Anika Sorrenstam? The rest of the field are still teenagers today, right?