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  • felixhoffman1899 felixhoffman1899 Sep 26, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

    Felix Speaks: Anatabine Bankrupts 1/2 the Biotech industry

    Some would say too bold a statement, but actually not inconceivable and based on a simple premise......
    Anatabine is a potent anti-inflammatory w/no side effects..... Hundreds of millions being spent on Crohn's or IBD,RA,AD, yes cancer, etc.... Over 200 inflammation based diseases with no cure, being treated with all sorts of different therapies,nsaids (ANTI-INFLMMATORIES) etc. Are all of those regimens "approved" for use, having shown statistical data in every one of those diseases? Of course not.... Doctor is simple prescribing the best anti-inflammatory he can, hopefully it will help..... Anatabine is the new anti-inflammatory that will fill that roll.... Anecdotes from the disease blogs relaying anatabloc works for this and that are very compelling..... Currently, anatabine is 3-7 X more powerful then aspirin,Celebrex,ibuprofen, etc... Anatabine will become "default therapy".... The investment in Crohn's WILL STOP within Five years. Those companies, people, pharma subsidiaries etc.... Will have to find a new line of work


    Human data is imminent, Proving statistically significant Human Anti-inflammatory Response, not to mention the reversal of one of the top auto-immune diseases in the world

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    • "anatabine is 3-7 X more powerful then aspirin,Celebrex,ibuprofen, etc... Anatabine will become "default therapy".... " . Yes, its true per company PRs' published at various times. I agree with you, "Anatabloc will become "defat therapy"..." in not too distant future. Thanks for your contribution.

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    • i'm prone to pause when one speaks in third person regarding oneself. however, many things you say, i like. i do appreciate your optimism, thoughts, and organized reasoning. thanks...

    • "---------- ,Celebrex -----------"

      I keep looking for a BLACK LABEL WARNING on the bottles of Anatabloc and I've just never been able to find one. How amazing that a patient can throw away a drug that could kill him/her and replace it with a ultra safe nutraceutical anti-inflammatory called Anatabloc.

      How amazing is that? Anybody think that big pharma isn't on this like a bird on a June bug?

      Hang tight longs, our day is coming, IMHO.

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    • Flex-Hose Pick your Nose, AKA Patrick Cox,

      You are a "PIMP" and your track record speaks for itself and how many Poor Senior Citizens you have swindled and bamboozled with your BOONDOGGLE Newsletter. You have no conscious and your day of reckoning will come, make no mistake about it. The Statements you make are legerdemain like colored with filth, disgust and ad-nauseum.


      You will not escape either the Law or the Divine justice.

      Amicus humani and animali generis,

      J B

    • Felix, its quite possible. I'm feeling so physically well with zero side affects since I've started taking it. Plus I'm 50% up on this stock, I did what Buffet advises, if you know something is good buy the stock. I've seen my golf game break records this year. If you take it as prescribed it works. Aspirin say goodbye to you stomach lining, Advil say good by to your liver, and as far as other Big Pharma not over the counter drugs, well you actually take your life into your own hands. The combination of up coming test results, and increasing sales, could really make this something very special. Thank you for all your work and providing information.