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  • joebernini joebernini Oct 3, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Lovelyy's Sonic Boom turned out to be a Fart instead...

    Dear Reader,

    Poor Lovelyy and Headless Izoff-Zombie-Goof-Off Sexless recent up-coming news warnings turned out once again not to be the sonic boom they have been promising their OVERLONG colleagues and threatening the other traders with, to be a FART instead.


    J B

    Amicus humani AND animali generis

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    • LOL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Your posts are ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS unless you refer to other's posts with quotes of what THEY SAID ... as I do for you (as a courtesy as well to show what's true).

      Your past history of constantly posting total fiction here, such as


      joebernini . Feb 22, 2012 3:35 PM


      You are about to be treated to the mother of all upside NEWS on CIGX, you didn't even dream of. Between now and 6 weeks there will be breaking news that will take the stock to over $50/PPS. If this does not happen within the time frame I am predicting, then, you can ridicule me, mock me,and you can even cast me as an idiot. I am staking my reputation on this,

      Are you ready for the mother of all investments, to bank 20X+
      your investment?"


      means you have ZERO credibility here.

      You can only overcome that by showing that what you say has any truth value at all WITH QUOTES.

      I show you the courtesy of backing up everything I say about you with quotes of your own posts. If you were referring to me, you owe me and everyone else that same courtesy. So where are the quotes of my predictions to do with this non-event news?

      Fart seems to be your new favorite word (it well suits you). Been eating a lot of beans lately?

      • 2 Replies to izof_texas
      • Izzy:
        Don't be mean. And don't shout. We can hear you. The color green(envy) is unbecoming. Joe is using his God given talents to eloquently express a point of view. You may or may not agree with it but it does give pause to consider. And just because you don't like the fact that Tina thinks Joe is the greatest poster on this board and not you is no cause to be mean. That's life. Survival of the fittest and most intelligent and adaptable. Sure, Joe may have at one time thought Star to be a hot pick. So what? He looked into it more deeply, became disgusted with this creepy management and decided that the best was to swing trade but not support this scam of a company. Joe adapted and will survive very well thank you. But you do not seem able to adapt and like the do-do bird, you will soon be extinct unless you change your ways and mimic those of the fittest. You will last longer and mebbe be attractive enough to pass on your genes. Right now, as far as I can see, there are no takers---at least insofar as Tina and Morgy are concerned. Put a little sugar on your bait and betcha you will have a lot more success. Did ya know thet ya can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar? Being a country boy, you oughta know thet thar.

        Jest some advice podner.

        Your good buddy,
        Smokey Drum and 10 fore!

      • I like this one as well (the following day):

        joebernini • Feb 23, 2012 10:48 AM

        "...If the shorts continue to short aggressively, they will lose everything they have because this time they will not be able to recover.

        Good investing "