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  • a_brown3 a_brown3 Oct 7, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    Simple Thoughts on Licensing ~

    the fact that a group of FORMER employees of star is purchasing 'tobacco equipment and inventory' from star, as well as licensing with star, lends me a few obvious thoughts:

    1. the group of former ee's were most likely 'let go' since that part of star is being terminated, if you will, and they were no longer needed.

    2. since the ee's most assuredly worked within that area of star, they possess the necessary knowledge and vision as they continue to see a great potential in that product line.

    3. star obviously sees the potential as well, as they hold on to the licensing and royalty rights.

    4. the biggest tidbit i take from this is that since both star and the former group of ee's see great potential in the 'tobacco side' of things, and star is wishing to relinquish that part, it confirms once again how STRONGLY star feels about anatabine and its potential uses presently and in the coming future.