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  • nakamuraakiko nakamuraakiko Oct 20, 2013 3:04 AM Flag



    Strong market day and Star continues to shed its non-value. I have tried my best to help our long and wrong friends but alas and alack to no avail. My entreaties fall on deaf ears. My helpful posts are savaged by thumbs down. I am called vile names and said to be annoying and narcissistic. It is true, Joe, that I am not humble. Why should I be when there is nothing about me to be humble about? I give of my time freely and for altruistic reasons because of my love for my fellow man and especially for the imbecillic, idiotic, stupid, dumb as a doorstop, cretin, encephalictily challenged, moronic and dimwitted saurian like investor found on this board and personified by HRH Lord and Mahjesty Izoff and non-personified(and persona non grata) CIGX1967-2013 who is deceased and vegetarians like Tommcelery stalking tomato pumper and big unit holders like LB.

    Since my efforts fall upon deaf ears which are most likely attached to craniums inserted deeply within longs' rear ends, I am thinking of moving on to no disappointment of my long brethren who see in me an ugly reflection of their foolish and losing speculation having been taken in by a fraud and a shyster.

    Goodbye my friend and all the best in the world to you. You deserve it. May you be more successful than I have been.

    With best personal regards,

    This topic is deleted.
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