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  • anatablocking anatablocking Dec 11, 2013 11:26 PM Flag


    I am not a short just an investor that does not believe star is on the right path. If you were a CEO of a company that was on the brink of greatness would you pass the torch to a new regime? There is more than what meets the eyes here. You can glorify it and come up with a theory that will make you sleep better at night. Believe me I have tried. However, it did not work because nothing adds up. This company is all bark with no bite. There is no evidence to think otherwise...... None.... Zippo......

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    • Your thinking is sadly correct. What adds up is the mess that Jonnie and Paulie led this company into. What they are trying to do is:
      Dress Star for a firesale. Why? Jonnie, Paulie and friends need to DUMP their shares. Cannot do on open market. They get killed. Only way is by way of acquisition. Cost basis by now for these thieves is close to zero. They could unload this mess for double digits, say $0.20 per share and still make a fabulous return. Mullan and Chapman are part of the dress up. And they might go with the acquiring firm. Question: is $0.20 too high?
      Regrets to all the dimwitted longs including the Czar of Star, HRH and Mahjeesty Lord Izoff The Izz of Marchhares,

    • I check on this stock from time to time over the past 6 months. I noticed it was trading around $1.90 for a few months then jump to around $2.50. I just looked at the price today and was shocked to see how low it is. What was the pop for, and is this going to keep going down? I have a family member who owns this and am thinking to tell them to cut their losses.

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