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  • twicesilent23 twicesilent23 Apr 25, 2014 4:47 PM Flag

    For all the Mullan hope/hype...

    ...he has not done the stock any wonders. The leadership transition was announced on 11/7/13 ($1.73), the 1/15/14 conf call ($0.88), the 3/20/14 investor/analyst presentation ($0.65). Personally, on Nov. 7th I expected the stock price to go up given JW was moving out of the picture.

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    • TAKE EM DOWN MAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pfizer sniffing around AstaZeneca for 100 billion!!! They could buy Star instead for a paltry 20 billion and have 80 billion to dole out to themselves in year end bonuses.

    • That clown has been hyping this junk since 2011 OR THE WHOLE TIME THIS JUNK HAS BEEN ON THE MKT!!

      IMHO the ONLY reason he's here is to recoup his true boss Bob Roskamps $3+ Million that Jonnie and Pauly

      hosed him out of!!!! AND THAT CLOWN GETS $600-750 per year while doing nothing but open his mouth

      every 90 days to give pathetic loss color. Which he hides like a coward!!!!!

    • So you ignore the fact of the effect of the FDA warning letter on the stock (and "VA", etc).

      Do you, then, think of your appraisal of "Mullan's effect" a fair one?

      Mullan had NOTHING to do with the FDA letter/matter. He wasn't even associated with the company when the precedents to that took place. THAT, along with the continuing worry (then) over the VA gov stuff, etc. is what is mostly responsible for the tank of the stock since 11/7/13 ... isn't it?

      Are you opining that if nothing else had happened the stock would have gone way down just because the change to leadership with big scientific credentials?

      If not, what are you saying?

      • 2 Replies to izof_texas
      • His research is in ALZ which he said is NOT a focus for Star. What is the focus? He don't know so he ain't telling. What we do know for certain is that Mullan is:
        1. Part time because he has not given up his post at Roskamp;
        2. He is getting an obsessive compensation and it is his primary goal to continue to receive it;
        3. He is part of over bloated management. If he were not part time, Chapman would not be needed. What does Curtis Wright do now?????? Hmmmmmmmmm;
        4. He carries a poor management background. He placed himself thru poor judgement in a position as an accused sex offender. Unfortunately the smoke of this tars and feathers him. He may be an unfortunate victim but why should Star be a victim by extension? Poor choice by the BOD.
        5. Despite his intellectual achievements his image is poor. He has a face like a moose. This fact adds fuel to the speculation that he may be forced to engage in reprehensible behavior toward women because of rejection issues. About one half of the population are women who are not likely to favor him and thus an investment in Star. Probably, the BOD composed of half wits never thought of the big influence of women and what a telegenic, charismatic and baggage free CEO could add to the party.

        Izof would have you believe these are non issues. He is wrong. I showed a picture of Mullan to my girl friends who are legion and not one commented favorably. They all thought he had a face like a moose and thought his ears were sprouting antlers. It is easy to see why he could be accused of sexual deviancy.

        I rest my case.

      • saying Mullan had no idea makes him even dumber. Just like you FOOL losers take the loss and get the f out!@