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  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 24, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    tough to move higher with no support or interest down 3 cents

    yet again whoever the MM are on this stock they must have a lot of paper they cant get rid of cause this stocks been dead as a dog for over a year and half and the markets have been on fire up and down yet this dog sits day after day sideways or drifts lower and lower.... 4 pennies from a all time low in the history of this stock yet they claim to have not millions but hundred million on reserve... revenue of billion plus book and cash values of 3-4 dollars a share... doesnt anyone think its time LAI goes bye bye this chairmen is total garbage i mean how do you have so much going for you as a company yet there stock is dead completely dead no one buys from from mgtment or institutional funds or mutual funds no insiders have done anything thing in years REPEAT YEARS yet LAI is still around how is that even possible....... there is no investigation into the MM activity no investigation into where the countless MILLIONS HAVE GONE and no acountiblity into how or why there partner gets all the press yet AGRIA gets NOTHING there are no reports of any buying of any kind... its like they just killed this stock and left the retail investor on the beach.

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    • I say its time LAI RESIGNS AS CHAIRMAN and new blood bought in or just buyout the remaining shares and go private this day after day after day of nothing is boring and insult to everyone who has held this dog and supported that idiot LAI.....

      time for LAI TO either pony up the money or to be sued for it... time the BOD fires that bum and gets involved 72 cents today what a joke.

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