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  • jvzeppa jvzeppa Dec 28, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    looks like LAI will let this DELIST so I am not going to

    wait this stock has show zero potential... I found 5 stocks worth doing some DD on SUTR is a steal, if you like BIO companies then GALE or CRDC... looks like SEED is still around better then GRO from what I SEE other stock worth a look CPSL but SUTR is in a better position

    so for anyone about to bail I say in jan... you see a double on for sure SUTR possible SEED maybe the BIO's but for all of you check out the main sleeper (SUTR)

    but GRO is dead the news for a CEO and CFO hasnt hit the chairmen LAI has 87% of the company so he care less on share price or NYSE listing as I typed this I see seed popped from 1.38 to 1.42 and SUTR went from .96 to .99 so they will move by market close.

    but dump GRO if you can its junk....

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    • Yes good by jvzeppa. I think you have sold now your thousands of shares

      • 1 Reply to jetionsolarproblem
      • yes over three days time .75-.76 and alot of averaging down and my total lose over the entire year was a whooping 14 dollars... should dumped when it hit 1.05 lose that gain of 3000 thousand to a lose of 14 bucks sad sad sad ......

        but thats not why i dumped GRO..... I feel the lack of PR lack of communication and lack of just what GRO does now.... I have owned and played this stock for over 6 years and today I have no idea just what these idiots are doing anymore... at least in the past you knew today you have to think LAI used shareholders monies got into PGW and could care less about the STOCK GRO....

        I like a few chinese plays I have started to look into SUTR good potential I waited for CPSL to reverse they did it... so now it has tanked down to fair value at under 2 bucks so that one is on watch... I like GURE and I still watch SEED just to see what there R@D is doing and can they make it happen??? one more sleeper was CNTF but that CEO is like LAI to quiet so that ones a pump and dump.....with maybe potential on there gaming arm but other then those... all China companies are JUNK!

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