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  • atuzi2002 atuzi2002 Mar 1, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    in response to Jetionsolarproblem's charge

    Hi Snoopy,
    why are you always talking these lies.. Please remember you stated it as a fact that Agria delist, you told us the ratio change is a fraud. Now you come with another flam.Fact is:PGW announced an increased profit of NZ$4.8 million for the six months to 31 December 2012, up from NZ$3.1 million a year ago. PGW also reported strong cash flows from operating and investing activities, delivering a combined total of NZ$24.4 million (up from NZ$6.0 million last year) George Gould, credited the improvement to stronger operating earnings across all major businesses

    LOL, dont be so jumpy, man. Fisrt of all, i'm not Snoopy, secondly, I as me, atuzi2002, never said Agria would be definitely delisted or ratio change was a fraud. I just pointed out that the management of Agria hid information from investor and neglected ordinary shareholders' interests. I vividly remember you made a lot of baseless claims such as going listed on Hongkong, and Monsanto acquisition blah blah blah.

    Let's get down to business now, lets look at the PGW numbers: you said Fact 1. Agria will receive 8 millions in cash as dividends... Agria owns 50ish percent of PGW, so in total PGW will pay out 16 million cash to all shareholders. pleae tell me how come a company pay out such dividend with only 4.8 million profit ? Had Crafer not paid back the 24 million loan, how much the profit would be? How much Agria would receive as dividend? If you divide 16 million by 4.8 million, that's roughly 300%, so PGW paying 300% of profit, I have to give it a bit WOW ! Why? simple, as major shareholder, Agria must have pitched very hard, because Agria is cash strapped ! Normally people wouldn't kill the hen for golden egg unless he is desperate, this is common sense.

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    • You have a special username for bashing Agria, thats enough to explain your intention. You don't want to inform people, you want them to sell Agria shares! After they have lost 90%.. A little bit to late for a warning. Even the most stupid shareholder should have seen that we found a bottom. Why sellling, or giving people a advice not to invest. You should have detectect that both PGW and Agria had a turnaround. You should see worth of the Assets, that is the minimum what Agria is worth. And i told you 10 times that a listing in HSE is possible, not on the Main Board, but in the GEM market.

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      • yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, you can keep talking the trash, nobody believes in you. Either you are hired by Mr. "Liar", or you have had huge lost in GRO so dream someday the stock price will crawl back, so you can sell it to other daydreamer, or you are the pop-and-dumper.
        you are still talking the HK GEM trash, I've told you that Agria not qualified the GEM because one of the requirement is same management team in the past two years! and the CEO and CFO just quit few months ago, how dare you keep misleading other people that it's possible to be list on HK GEM ??
        Do you see any other company in the world that both CEO & CFO quit at the same time yet the company is still healthy? If the Agria's future were so brilliant,if the stock price would be like the stupid NASA 5,4,3,2,1 blast soon, how stupid the ex CEO/CFO to quit at such exciting moment ?
        Come on man, answer the question ! Had Crafer not paid back the 24 million loan, how much the profit would be? How much Agria would receive as dividend?

    • Allow me say few words about the chinese companies listed in US: a lot of them are totally scams. The finiancial reports before IPO all looked excellent then went south never crawled back, unfortunately GRO iis one of them. Think about it from different angle, the Agria domestic business simply contradicts cinese booming economy, at the end they had to resort to PGW to make their blance sheet look better, how come ? Don't they have 1.3 billion hungry mouth over there to make money out of it ? To me, the only reasonable explanation is they are lack of such ability. Had they have solid, real goverment connection in china, GRO wouldn't have been at the verge of delist, don't you think so?

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