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  • jetionsolarproblem jetionsolarproblem Mar 5, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    Nobody should buy Agria shares if,

    Nobody should buy Agria shares if, he has node made his own analysis and research. This is a stock with risk and chances. My analysis has cost me hundreds of hours, a lot of telefon calls, discussion with local seeds companies, investor relation , CFO and emailing with lic (NZ creditor). I made my thoughts about how a majority shareholder like Mr. Lai would and should behave, what advantages it has for Agria to be listed at NYSE or if it is better to belisted somewhere else. I made my thoughts about how inteligent it was to put all the money of the IPO into the PGW aquisition and what will happen after the resplit. The reasons that i wrote i hear is not to persuade anyone of you to invest in Agria. I am interested in sharing thoughts. Therefore i like the discussions with atuzi2002, he is asking the right questions, but he is coming to other conclusions. Every investor should not follow advices from someone in the internet, nor from his broker or someone else. Make your own investigations and talk to management.
    My expirience is they never lied to me, they have told me the truth even it is not what you want to hear.
    If you are so much involved in an investment like me it can happen that you oversee elements or important signs, therefore i am happy for every fact. But arguments like "all chinese are #$%$, doesn't help. I predict that more US companies will go bankrupty than chines companies. We should not underestimate the power of this determined, debtless growing nation.
    My investment horizont is unlimited. I would never buy shares where it is foreseeable that growth is limited, therefore i am sure that AGRIA is a better investment than Monsanto. China wants to be self-catering and they will protect their own seed companies, concurrently they are the biggest importer of corn. If i add the fact that chinese demand more and more beef, have a very low area/people ratio, a very low efficiency in bushhel/acre, we must come to the conclusion we are in the right market

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