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  • stock_peeker stock_peeker Sep 26, 2003 2:03 PM Flag

    Cramer just bought some today

    Jim Cramer sent out a message around 1:30pm today notifying ActionAlertsPlus subscribers that he was buying Autobytel *ABTL*

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    • If he has even matched an index fund, he is having an awesome year.

      I don't subscribe to his Actions Alerts, so I don't know most of his picks, but on a macro level there is no doubt he has nailed this year perfectly.

      Shame about 2000-1! Even bigger shame that he refuses to own up to it.

    • Thank you so much for your informative post...gotta admit, I was kindof in awe of him...thanks to you I will save the subscription money... Personally, I think surfing the web, finding really good info. on message boards can serve you as well....Wonder if he is in or out of did spike on his buy...gotta say that.Thanks again and lots of luck to you.

    • Suffice it to say that he, just as with 90% of the investing public, has problems picking the bottom and top. If he was that fantastic of an investor, he would have bought ABTL at a buck or so, and wouldn't be buying in now.>

      Ain't that the truth. As a subscriber, I have to say that right now he has assisted me in owning some real turkeys. His answer? Buy before it goes up. Right. I have been waiting for NWL to go up since he started singing about it at $28. It now is headed for $20 on all sorts of bad news.
      He doesn't reccommend, he just buys and lets us know why he did it. The secret is in picking through what he picks because if you don't, you can lose your ass. He hasn't got a crystal ball. and he is not up by much over a market index fund.

    • Regarding the market cap of the stocks, they're significantly greater than ABTL, so you may very well be correct. Typically, they're also stocks that are more prone to market fluctuations and mass news media scrutiny,so they move with the news. One gurus published opinion probably wouldn't have much effect.
      Regarding ABTL, he's taken a minimal position. Considering that he sees the possiblity of ABTL doubling, I'm a little confused as to why he had to wait until it dropped below $10 before buying in, and why he didn't take a stronger position. He's been buying and selling others throughout the last few weeks, and if he thoroughly believes in ABTL's future, why not more? I guess that's something he would have to answer.

    • Sure, no problem. I wasn't asking because I want to know what he's bullish on, I was asking because I wanted to know which stocks his recommendation was unable to move.

      I was expecting to hear that they are stocks with much higher market cap than ABTL.

      Then I was going to say "The reason he couldn't move those stocks is because they have a much higher market cap than ABTL."

      But you ruined everything.

    • Not to be stuffy about it, but Cramer's getting a bit ticked off about subscribers passing information out for free. If you're a subscriber, you'll note that he's been buying a few stocks below the prices he originally paid to do some averaging. He makes not excuses for it, and he's totally up-front about it. I don't think there's ever been anyone who always buys at the bottom and sells at the top....unless they're insiders and trading illegally. Suffice it to say that he, just as with 90% of the investing public, has problems picking the bottom and top. If he was that fantastic of an investor, he would have bought ABTL at a buck or so, and wouldn't be buying in now.

    • Which other stocks?

    • He may have caused a ripple in todays price, but he certainly hasn't caused any noticeable changes in any of the other stocks he's currently suggesting. He might be able to do something that's more lasting on the long term or the occassional ripple on the short term, but I just haven't seen much of anything yet.

    • I swear I'm not being argumentative here: I guarantee Cramer moved the stock.

      The Realmoney guys move small cap stocks very easily. Every time Rev. Shark mentions he bought a small cap, it flies right then and there. Yes, the potential for abuse of this power is formidable.

      Cramer is particularly influential right now because he called this entire rally right from Dow 7800, so people are convinced that he's got a magic touch. It will take another crash to make him a villain again. Kind of makes me yearn for a crash. :)

    • Cramer's purchase coincides with the upturn, but is it just coincidence or not? I don't really know. Certainly, the amount that he bought wouldn't have caused a change, especially since he's undoubtedly smart enough not to have placed a market order. Whether or not his purchase swayed enough investors to take the plunge and invest, I don't really know. One thing for sure, the price bounced around a lot yesterday and today, and that was without any Cramer influence. I am somewhat impressed that Cramer actually took the plunge, but that's what he's supposed to do.

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