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    • The whole purpose of buying Chilton is NOT to
      make profit from the manual, but to give it away FREE
      on the ABTL web site. Just imagine the volume of
      traffic will ABTL generate. Furthermore, ABTL can corner
      the car repair business.

    • You are concerned about whether people would feel
      confident sending a purchase request over the web - which
      as we know doesn't bind them to anything. But the
      issue is whether the potential customer

      Good question. I have to admit, I thought it was a
      stupid question when I first read it. I was going to
      reference how many cars were being sold over the net
      currently (all companies) as proof that this wasn't an
      issue. But, I think I've been hanging out on Yahoo for
      too long - I'm losing what little analytical ability
      I once had.

      The fact is that internet
      commerce growth is slowing. The amount of commerce is
      growing, but not at the same explosive rate. Most analysts
      figure that it is because of the type of computer

      The initial guys on the web were sold
      from the start, and they would feed their cat on-line
      if they could figure out how. But as web use spreads
      into a wider band of the general population, as the
      theory goes, the newer users are less inclined to jump
      in so fully. They are the ones who have a web
      connection in the office, or who just got home access in the
      last six months or so. They are more cautious, less
      inclined to register for new pages, give out credit card
      numbers, and perhaps to send an auto purchase

      Short term, we may see a lot of minor recalculation
      about web-based revenues (across the board). I don't
      think its a long term problem, though, assuming that
      none of these on-line auto companies prove to offer
      fraudulent services, or open the door somehow to outside

    • Ive used to buy books because it is
      very convenient and you can peruse at your leisure and
      the postage is worth the convenience. Ive used to peruse cars....but I don't need to test drive
      my books and they don't cost upwards of $20K

      Seems to me in order for it to work (unless they make a
      lot of revenue via advertising), they'd have to
      inspire enough confidence in the scheme that you'd feel
      no risk at clicking on "I want this car..." Can
      anybody tell me if they've acheived this?

    • E- Auto business will explode like the online
      book gaint, AMAZON.
      The middle men will be cut out
      like many of the brokers at full service firms. You
      must look beyond one week horizon unless you are a day
      trader and they don't count. 12 months from now , if you
      sit will be very happy with this
      little jewel.
      Thank You Paine Weber!!!

    • I check out a lot of message boards (about 30)
      and this one is by far the most obscene, not to
      mention most useless. It seems to be filled with a bunch
      of cry babies who bought this stock at $25 or
      higher. All I can say is CHILL OUT! Sometimes you win,
      and sometimes you lose. Hold on to this stock,
      because, in my opinion, you will eventually win. Meantime,
      if you have anything constructive to say, put it
      here. If you want to slam ABTL without something of
      substance to say, go do it in your back yard.

    • Is ABTL another internet winner/loser? Is it
      worth investing? What is the price target?
      Go to
      FREE website at www. wysestreet. com.
      Enter stock
      symbol, then type your own questions, or click commonly
      asked ones, you will get answers.
      Also, if you sign
      in at clubhouse without much personal info., it will
      get you a complete analysis, including ranking, etc.

    • I still havene't seen no ABTL dealers in my area. How can they sell cars without dealerships. As if anyone will order a car over the internet! Duh.

    • Sounds like you really studied this company. I
      picked up more shares today @ sale price. Good luck
      everyone, this stock will stablize and inch it's way back

      *Keep in mind everyone was crushed today
      not just ABTL.

    • It is not bad when thinking of ABTL climbs up to 100, That would be amazing. I wholeheartedly agree with the target prices and rating and today I am in (ABTL 1st-time share holder)

      GO ABTL.

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