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  • rdp140 rdp140 Jun 25, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    New Press Release

    "Partnership with Affiliated Foods, Inc. of Amarillo, TX Opens New Distribution Channels in South-Central and Western U.S"

    BBDA is opening up doors to getting its products out the consumers....let's hope the consumers are paying attention to its products and buying.

    I hope this assist the company with its Sales here in the US and gets the PPS moving north.

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    • Ok..... so why a "thumbs down" on this post? Who's the a hole on the board here?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "Thumbs down"...Probably the poor grammar used in my message. I wrote it quickly without proofing it and simply posted it.

        But either way, the PR today was a good example of the CEO's commitment in opening up several avenues to get its products into the marketplace and placing it where its products are not locally available yet.

        The stock at its current PPS is a strong buy, especially since we know it is expanding in the Euro/Asian markets with their recent big hire.

        Not sure why this stock keeps moving down. only disadvantage i see today is the # of shares outstanding. I still express my opinion that is company is a strong buy and hold at these levels. I have been picking up small 100,000 blocks whenever i can. Still looking for an additional 250-500K this year (figured we will see a reverse split in the future, if the company tries to get its foot into a senior exchange....and if that is the case i rather be loaded up on shares now....doesn't hurt when the company has been showing profitable margins (pre tax). this company should be trading at a penny at a bare minimum. if no reverse split, i would hope the company tries to buy back shares, especially if its confident in itself to grow exponential (why not as a CEO and major shareholder, you are putting more value into your pockets by cutting the number of shares...but this is a different chapter).

        buy on the dips and keep the big picture in mind (Vitamin story or MNST).


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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