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    • Castle, go back to the JBLU board. You're efforts here are childish and lame.

    • I make well over 7.50 an hour....

      Wow! almost 10 bucks I bet. Fast food jobs pay more than that according to the high school kids in my neighborhood.

    • "..All airline employees need to organize together and force INDUSTRY wide pay raises.."

      Heres a radical idea for you.
      How about you spend your energies being more efficient at what you do. That will ultimately lead to far higher rewards.

    • Hell, that's true of most airline employees now days. I work for another airline and after my nice paycut I can't afford to travel anywhere making my "benefit" useless.

      All airline employees need to organize together and force INDUSTRY wide pay raises.

    • <<<who give a shit if you can fly for free if you got no money to spend on a cab when u get there, 'cuz you are paid dick.

      Big whooop!>>>

      No i get paid money, you must work at southwest, where getting paid in dick is considered a good thing, well im sure you enjoy it.(hey you got a lil something on your chin, perhaps you should wipe that off)

      and normally when i go on a trip i dont take a cab i rent a car. my last one was an escalade... probably out of your price range im sure... but im sure if you continue to suck that dick, you'll get your big pay off...

    • <<<Safeway must have turned you down. Free. What do you have to spend when you get there? Sleep on the beach and mickey d's fine dining? Tell me how someone making 7.50 hr can take his family to Disney World for a week. Truely you live in a dream world.>>>

      I make well over 7.50 an hour and i stay at a marriot. i dont know where other people go, im sure they check out zed prices or go to the pass bureau for some pretty good deal. and of course you wouldnt figure thiis out considering that you have never had a woman but alot of those people are probably married and have two incomes.. but how would you figure that out still being that 40 year old virgin...

    • I hope the hell they don't have a family on those wages, 'cuz I am likely supporting them on the gov. dole at those wages.

    • why are you concerned with my sleeping habits? i work second shift of course i was up late.. but you guys just cant seem to figure that one out..

      i am currently getting paid more than your walmart employees. interesting you know so much about walmart, you work there already?

      Its interesting that all these labor groups are pissed at walmart for not offering medical and dental to its staff yet where you work they are on the top of the food chain. of course considering that you have a new nick updated a week ago. (who were you before and why the need to change nicks???) with no telling of where you live noone can really check out your story on the wage or bennies of walmart employees in your area.

      typicall basher afraid to be themselves, why is you guys continiously change your nicks is it everytime you are wrong you get so embarrassed you cant show up with the same nick more than a month or so because your old one is synonymous to loser?

    • Do you honestly think Scott Kirby isn't worth $425,000?

      I'd say he's worth about $4,250,000 to the success of LCC.

      That's reality. You can now continue with your oppressed worker schtick.
      LMAO no one is worth that much in the airline business, but I do feel he is compensated very well at current levels or compensation and IAHPHX no one is giving you oppressed worker argument. You just make your self sound like a fool so lighten up bud.

    • and airfares that don't live up to the new US Airways' pitch as the country's first nationwide low-fare, low-cost airline.

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