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  • maranamay maranamay Oct 23, 2006 8:46 AM Flag

    union contracts

    In order to escape bankruptcy the company requested and got many union givebacks. Now that the company is such a sucess story when will they return those givebacks to the unions?? Can a strike be on the horizion??

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    • I don't want to sound like a communist but how can the employees be feeling when they see the millions of dollars in wealth created by a rising stock price on their backs. They gave back so much only to see passive investors make money on their givebacks. I think the company should compensate them with cheap stock or salary increases.

    • I just found the recent announcement from the Pilots union:

      This is Arnie Gentile with a second US Airways MEC communication update for Sunday, October 22nd, with one new item.

      This is a reminder that Picketing training in PHL starts tomorrow Monday, October 23, 11:00 am to approximately 12:30 pm at the PHL Airport Marriott. Picketing training will continue in PHL on Wednesday, and Friday, October 25th and 27th from 1100 to approximately 1230. On Wednesday the 25th, training will be at the Lagoon Hotel located at 101 Taylor Ave, Essington, PA. The Lagoon has transportation from the PHL airport and the phone number is (610) 521-1400. Friday�s training will be back at the PHL Airport Marriott.

      SPC picketing training will continue in CLT starting the week of October 30th.

    • Yes. Pilots currently have a strike preparation effort going on now. And informational picketing has started in CLT and PHL. They seem to be pretty militant considering the BILLIONS given up over the past 5 years so I would expect a confrontation. Expect the FA's and Mech's to follow suit as well. Everyone got very beaten up over the years.