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  • jdr52683 jdr52683 Jun 11, 2008 11:38 AM Flag

    US Airways has no customer loyalty

    US Airways has no customer loyalty. As a frequent US Airways customer, I recently discovered that US Airways has forfited a few thousand miles in my dividend miles account due to inactivity last year. I explained to them that I've flown approximately 10,000 miles to date during 2008 and yet neither two supervisors in their dividend miles department nor a manager in customer relations would be willing to credit me back 2,000 miles to my account. They would rather lose a loyal customer. US Airways does not care if I go fly another airline, which I plan to do, as they are unwilling and unaccomodating to a good paying customer. Hopefully this airline will go bankrupt again and maybe they will learn their lesson. Will the customer ever come first? US Airways is a sell. SELL SELL SELL.

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    • Unfortunately, this is the practice of many U.S. businesses today. Not too much unlike the people of our country. Most U.S. citizens bitch about the cost of gas but won't support domestic drilling (because some lizard, sea bass or elk may suffer). We also bitch about unemployement while we go to Walmart and purchase obsene amounts of foriegn goods.

      The bottom line is that America is spoiled. So much so that I'm afraid that a day of reckoning is upon us.

      Over the next 18-24 months we'll see what compaines and parts of our lifestyle as we know it survive.

      Do you realize that the U.S. government makes more money per gallon of gas than any other entity within the supply chain? All that with ZERO investment. Then the same elected official claims evil oil???