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  • iahphx iahphx Feb 20, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    What? The stock is acting oddly!

    I'm being sarcastic, but obviously I've seen this movie before. Since NOBODY can predict the actual profitability of this company going forward, the stock can trade for anything. Personally, I'm just watching the silliness. I guess what doesn't go up on Wall St tends to go down. I am amused when I compare this company to Priceline.

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    • There's the sector to consider as well.
      Tickers finishing in the red:
      ALK | DAL | HA | JBLU | LCC | LUV | RJET | SKYW | UAL

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Not having a clear picture of the amr financials makes it difficult to figure out what AA will look like. As well, I'm sure there were many owning the stock hoping for a less dilutive deal and then getting a pop. They are probably selling out. That said I still feel that fundamentals of the industry are in place.

      The fuel pop this quarter will probably subtract 8 cent or so from Q1, assuming that it lasts for the rest of the quarter. That also assumes the international higher fuel is recovered through the fuel surcharges. The loads posted by "sweetfly.." are pretty strong ... have to take that month by month and see how it turns out.

      I'm hoping this is the year some of that fubar is taken out. A lot of murmurs of changes coming. I have been amused by all the pundits stumbling over themselves trying to explain the early bump in fuel prices ... they looked like they didn't even really believe their own kool aid, but didn't know what else to say since they have been drinking it so long.

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      • As you know, the complete absence of a link between fundamentals and oil prices is a huge source of frustration to me and, I assume, all other serious airline investors. There was absolutely NO WAY to predict today's fall in oil prices -- not that it's done airline investors any good, though! The "rumor" on Wall St. -- which has now made its way to Bloomberg -- is that a commodities fund is "blowing up." Really scary that we let these Wall St. players control the price of oil, but I know I'm preaching to the choir on this.