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  • teknowiz teknowiz Feb 27, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Thank you LCC management and BOD

    This is such a travesty that overall market keeps flying including other overvalued airlines like UAL and LCC shareholders are made to suffer because of some men's ego to lead biggest airline (whether they deserve or not).

    LCC had easily broken $15 resistence and was ready to break-out to $18-19 range
    when this merger mess (or buyout of AMR to be precise) struck us.

    Now pray to god that Brent does not break out because of strong market. Longs will be looking at a sure disaster if that happens.

    Thank you LCC management and BOD, What a fine job!

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    • teknowiz,

      UAL is simply catching up with the sector. You have to realize LCC @ $13.20 is a $10,000,000,000 company now fully diluted. UAL is $9B, DAL $12B. LCC IS FAIRLY VALUED NOW. Yes, I agree, management sold us out BUT the long term is promising and so is the potential for a real P/E. 7-8x EPS will get us into the $20s. IT WILL HAPPEN, just not until next year. Be patient. This is a double from here in 12-24 months

    • tek ... You may not have to wait too much longer for LCC to join the rest of the airlines. Something is going on if you hear "buy, buy, buy" for the legacies from you know who. He had more than a year to get religion ... something is going on. And if UAL makes as much as legacies can, it is undervalued (it just closed at a new recent high). I'd watch to see if DAL breaks to new post merger highs.

      LCC holders lost the bump from a lousy percentage, but in the long run it will just be an adjustment off the top end ...

      • 1 Reply to wgrsh
      • Heard "him" making the call from the other room - the reason for the bump in AH bid-ask as the traders know to raise the numbers when "he" speaks. -sigh- where was "he" at even $9 share - oh well there is plenty of room on the bandwagon.

        Will not mention "his" name - as he is late to the party.

    • Chill dude. Let's see what happens when the Feb numbers come out next week. Need to pull for LCC AND AMR. The thesis is still intact and it will all be fine. Just not in our desired time frame.