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  • willaby willaby Oct 29, 2011 12:39 PM Flag

    Bacterin Key Takeaways

    I bought just a couple weeks ago at $2.48. Nice to get a bump so quickly, but why did it drop to the $2 level? Sales growth alone should have supported it higher, even against the market pullback. I'll admit I don't know anything about the business, this company was brought to my attention by an associate and the chart looked perfect.

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    • it was retail founder stock in my view that drove it down from $6 or so...their cost basis was $1 so 600% return they had enough.....shorts piled on in June when it fell below $3....

    • smarterthanyou2 Oct 29, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

      Not-with-standing some recent negative posts ......this Company appears to be " firing on all cylinders " . There's been talk/speculation about a buyout . Forget buyouts speculation for now....this solidly run company is going to grow at a fast clip and be a great intermediate term and longterm investment . It's currently the ONLY stock in my stable that's UP in this particular industry nuche .

    • The market wash out in general took everybody down. Since they came out with guidance of doubling revenues again next year the stock has perked up. Not many companies these days saying they not only are doubling revenues again this year buy likely going to do it again next year. The fact they are on the brink of being profitable sets them apart from a large amount of other biotechs.

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      • I think the message board interest picking up is directly correlated with the fact more investors are beginning to hear this compelling story.

        I've met management, I've met doctors using their products and I've seen the results. Anyone having done even half the due diligence that I have would be extremely impressed and optimistic about the potential future of the company.