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  • orthoworlds orthoworlds Dec 14, 2011 1:12 AM Flag

    Baxter Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Synovis

    Funny indeed!

    You stated: <"Stryker? According to Cook they are being phased out.">

    Are you familiar with Bacterin's American Medical Concepts announcement from Oct 24th?

    Here is the link:

    FYI, American Medical Concepts is a very large Stryker Distributorship in the northwest. Clearly, Stryker is not being phased out. In fact, if you were to travel around the country and talk to Stryker reps you would find that Bacterin's products are being added by Stryker Distributorships as the allograft of choice & they are selling OsteoSponge like crazy!

    You stated: <"they (Stryker) have to sell their own biologic line now.">

    Earth to alloguy. Hello? Stryker purchased Orthovita (at a premium of 41%) and if you had a clue you would know that Orthovita's products: Vitoss, Vitoss BA, and Coretoss are SYNTHETIC bone graft substitutes. Bacterin's OsteoSponge fit's a Stryker Rep's allograft void perfectly.

    When are you and pedifileOO going to get it?

    The Bacterin boat has sailed and you are not on it...

    As a reminder of what you missed:

    In the first nine months of this year Bacterin's revenue increased 108% to $21,048,780.

    As a shareholder, I am glad they fired you!

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    • Yes we all remember Bacterin releasing a "press release" on the fact they signed an agency. Big Whoop. No company does that.

      AMC sells several allograft lines, not just Bacterin. They just negotiated a low price in the event they want to sell it. Also I stand by Cook's comment that they are phasing out agencies due to commission rates.

      No, I have never worked for this company although many have.

      Growing revenue? Like others have said anyone can buy business and grow revenue. Useless stat unless profitable which they are failing at.

      Short this even as it sinks below $2