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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Mar 16, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Would be nice if people read

    Mr. Cook continued,” For 2013 we expect revenues to be between $38 and $40 million, which represents an increase of approximately 15% to 20% over 2012. A component of our growth strategy going forward will be to create additional sales channels that will continue to grow our top-line and enhance our market position. These opportunities represent potential upside to our guidance for 2013 and have not been included due to he intricacies in determining the timing of these transactions.”

    15% to 20% growth for 2013? And potential upside to that? That works for me.

    Go read the last conference call transcript. Things look fine to me. Key point - they have the necessary financing to get to profitability.

    Clearly, lots of people are upset because they lost money here - so are the execs that bought the stock last year. I can appreciate that. However, stocks go up, stocks go down. All depends on when you buy and what the market wants to do. Funny thing is, there are lots of people (who have made themselves well-known here) that cannot accept that they made a bad trade (or didn't have the patience to sit tight or average down) and upon closing their position, feel obliged to hang out here, badmouth the company, and even post outright lies. The fact that the stock is lower is mostly a function of the market and not necessarily the company performance.

    If the first thing someone does is to go and look at the income statements for the past couple years and the guidance for 2013, there's nothing negative to say.

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    • Are some sort of spin artist fool? Sales declined in 4Q...yes declined and if you believe this crooked mgt you also stupid. This company will be bankrupt within 24 months and if any of you are smart you should sell what you have left and say the heck with GUY and his lies..need i remind you of the grandest of being supply contrained last year? This man has no clue how to run a company as he is a scientist and nothing more. With the debt deal based on revenues all of u are screwed. I told you all this stock will be below a $1 and now im telling you they are finished with nothing left to equity within 24 months as the debt holders will be only ones left standing.....

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      • Shorts have been saying that for years. The company could hit it out of the park. The over seas marketing team was worth the money. We also expanded our sales and marketing capabilities and currently have one national sales manager, five executive VPs, 12 regional managers, 26 director sales representatives, three distribution managers, and three associate sales reps. Our sales infrastructure now supports over 200 independent distributors and during the year we completely reworked our sales and marketing materials. We expanded our sales pipeline with opportunities that position the company for growth during 2013 and beyond. The company reported record 2012 revenues of approximately 33 million. That was a 9% increase over the reported 2011 revenues. At December 31, 2012, the company had approximately $4.9 million in cash and cash equivalents and $7.2 million in accounts receivable. They guide up 12% next year. Analyst are calling for more.

        The record income came as the stock fall this year from 2.5 to a mere .8 cents is a huge disconnect from reality. We significantly expanded our processing capabilities, exiting our back order situation in second quarter 2012, which was a significant constraint in early 2012. They continue to develop innovative biological scaffolds for tissue regeneration, and introduced 10 new allographt product lines and recently introduced our amniotic tissue product into the marketplace. The company now has a more robust portfolio of regenerative biologics that addresses the spectrum of specialty biologic needs and we continue our path of becoming a preferred direct biologic supplier for both our surgeon and hospital partners. New growth - the hMatrix product, our dermal scaffold, we do expect that to be 5 to 10% of our sales. We are gaining excellent traction with those surgeons. We have signed up some major accounts already, so we think that’s—you know, we have already signed up an individual account that’s about 2 to 3 million, and so we do think that’s going to be a big driver for us. We did just begin commercializing the amnion product also. We are still doing some internal evaluations with RP docs (phon), so we do expect to see an uptick from those products in 2013, We think the amnion can be used in conjunction with hMatrix. We think the hMatrix product has the right handling properties, the right structural strength for filling a lot of those defects where the amnion does not. So it can be used as an outer layer membrane. We just launched the subchondral bone product at AOS and We’re getting a pretty healthy response, surgeon response for using the product. We do think that product’s probably going to be in the little less than 5% range for this year.

      • Well, they didn't make their first quarter goals either, which is why they laid off over 20 people.

    • helioft Mar 16, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

      In the one hand, I agree with your opinion about this company being very promising and with very good fundamentals. But in the other hand, two FDA warning letters and a subpoena from the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in connection with an investigation into possible fraud are good reasons to, at least, be concern about the company's performance. If those issues are not addressed properly the consequences could be dramatic. If finally nothing happens this share will go easily up.

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      • he share price reflects the over sold panic situation that should be cleared up with health care and the FDA letters Nothing to do with fraud.... The impact of healthcare reform has created a price-sensitive environment which has caused intense pricing pressure in the marketplace. This uncertainty has left a buying opportunity. --------------The company received two warning letters from the FDA and a subpoena from the OIG. The two warning letters, one was for ((devices and one was for biologics). They are mostly systems, internal systems, and we had begun already updating our internal systems from the original audit date and we had put that in our response; just the FDA chose not to acknowledge that in the response before they issued the warning letter. So we have already updated and incorporated a lot of those recommendations into our systems at this point, so we do expect a successful outcome.
        Independent of that, we also received an OIG letter specifically referring to a surgeon referral network that had limited life. It was effective for a small number of surgeons, approximately six surgeons. It was discontinued quickly after it was started, so we also expect a successful resolution for that. The stock could be a steal when these are cleared up. The company has contracted with outside professionals to assist with this cooperation and response. THAT is why I feel we got a good bounce today and we should get a major lift with the new PIPELINE and Marketing channels,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I feel they are really low balling the guidence for a major lift in coming quarters.

      • That is exactly why this is a good opportunity to accumulate. Low downside risk with a lot of chance of going significantly up!

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Thanks for your reply.

        The warning letters and subpoena are no big deal. They are both minor issues that will be resolved. The company has already indicated they are cooperating. The FDA issues appear procedural - so they make their procedures better to FDA satisfaction and the issues go away. And reading the letter, it seemed it had to do with how they handle complaints - not manufacturing procedures. They already issued the press release that they've attained ISO certification. On the subpoena - as I mentioned in my other post, I am familiar with what's being discussed. Again, another minor issue as the company has indicated already it was only with a small number of physicians, it ended in 2010, and it was all within applicable laws. So again, no big deal with either of those.

        The company has real products, is posting good sales and good growth. How many other companies can we look at in the same stage that are losing money hand over fist, have ridiculous valuations, and have no trajectory that ever gets them to profitability? This company is trading at about 1x sales and it will below 1x sales by the end of this year if the stock price doesn't move up. That is silly - go look at the multiples the competition trades at.

        The CEO has already indicated that they will get to profitability and have sufficient funding. I don't know who this pedicle person is that indicates the company "is seemingly about to default on their latest loan" - because that's completely fabricated. If he has any shred of evidence that implies that, provide it. "take a look at their chart since doing a "reverse" ipo" is not a sufficient argument or proof of it.

        If the FDA letters and subpoena are what people are so worked up over and driving the stock price to where it is today, then I need to be buying lots more shares.

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