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  • alloguy35 alloguy35 Jul 9, 2013 1:31 PM Flag

    Why BONE should go BK

    1 Discharge debt and start anew
    2 Eliminate Bacterin name for obvious reasons, just way to much bad perceptions in industry.
    3 Eliminate the large bloc of votes from those who were responsible for the failure of this company and which keeps the possibility of a repeat performance

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    • Well, it seems that Deerfield Management and their 1.5M $ on the table do disagree

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Buying some more tomorrow. A year from now I'll cash in the big bucks. Is it risky? Depends on who you ask. Me, I like my odds.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • alloguy,
      I couldn't agree with you and bluesbruised more. The only thing a new CEO is going to acomplish is to oversee the BK. I find it odd that a new CEO has not emerged yet, I thought someone said that there was going to be a annoucement in two weeks that was last month? I guess they must be content with how things are going and how they continue to lay people off.

      Might someone suggest that some the top Executives take a cut in pay.....ooooooooh what was I thinking? Bacterin's Executives make their money off the backs of those they continue to lay off. Bacterin is not only one of the worst examples of conflict of interest but they love to hire the children of the department heads I guess to keep the money in the families of the BOD and Executives.......I believe this is called nepotism as its best along with Cook making his wife the head of HR what a joke and the HR dept they have now is managed by some young gal that has zip experience and runs around like a little tattle tail fiinding dirt on everyone for the next lay off in order to keep her job.... It is time to bless, burry and BK Bacterin and start with a new CEO and new HR dept.

    • So Alloguy can make a profit as short, here is hoping that they turn it around

      • 1 Reply to nuhusky82
      • Make money shorting? That is stupid as if you short a BK company you would have a long time to wait till the BK proceedings were over and could then cover with your broker. Also very limited amount the stock could drop...fifty cents? Why bother?

        $1.5 million..chump change considering their burn rate and millions which have disapeared over the last few years.

        Still waiting to see or hear what could save this company.

    • Wow common sense does occasionally appear on this board. This POS company should be removed from the NYS exchange, and go BK as you suggest for all the reasons you enumerated, especially not giving more illicit profit to the officers and BOD for duping the investors and innocent stock holders. This was essentially a " for profit for me, the officers and BOD" company and one of the worst examples of conflict of interest activity to date. So sad to see!

    • 3 to make you a bit wealthier :P

      Sentiment: Hold

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