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  • johnnyola_1 johnnyola_1 Aug 15, 2012 1:51 PM Flag

    adxs is essentially bankrupt: Management must go.

    talk about not planning or understanding at all......

    the secondary will crush the sp

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    • Okay you are trying to help us with making money, but you started this thread with

      talk about not planning or understanding at all......

      the secondary will crush the sp

      Have you really considered the potential of 15 constructs for ADXS?. With all your enthusiasm for numbers try to find out how manipulation works for the latest Socius debt stock deal.That would be the most valuable to longs on this board to help explain the current pps....

    • dmj, i totally agree. YOU ARE RIGHT, ...but i too think the medical guys are not to be underrated.....arna management is quite clear that their pill is part of a larger diet exercise program....but the fda got all of this...they know your arguments. The refractory nature of the problem is profound. PROFOUND. it is a disease. Disease. More so than depression, which a generation ago was not classified as a disease. you have interest about yourself, et al. but i am into the money thing. first and foremost. This is about investing. the upside is huge. remember too there is the female vanity market...huge huge huge........a woman will cut off her right arm to lose the 8 lbs it weighs........blah blah.....

    • I am glad you posted these numbers some do look encouraging.....But here is the practical application, I have high triclyceride levels and problems with HDL, what do you think my Dr says at the review, how much do you exercise, what are your eating habits, and even if you change your levels by 15-20% for is not enough. So this ARNA will do nothing for me.....Pills are convenient, but I need to be doing my part......

    • sorry but don't want to hog the board; your interest is genuine and piqued....go to the arna board, and hit the articles; look at michael murphey, seeking apha, and also a guy named redacre also published by the rag seeking will see very good info.........these are two professionals with no ax to grind, especially redacre.

    • excellent, but endo guys and gps, et a. and medicine is very clear that the numbers demonstrated by the pill, and the 8K who were studied, were quite efficacious. FDA must find efficacious. They did so. To be overweight by 40 lbs, for instance, and to shed 15 o 17 lbs, is huge, in terms of lowering diabetes risk, and other assorted the pill has other wonderful properties..

      and btw, arna's patent bank is huge and it is real; 236 employees, a genuine medical advance....they have the patent, so i read, to easily combine Belviq with the speed drug used by this other they can enhance effectivenesss and basically take the whole market, but the fda wants them to aggresively move forward as to diabetes and also pediatric obesity..

      good info here, fwiw:

      I created this spreadsheet from the latest clinical data for Belviq and Qysmia as found in the following two links, which are links to both Qysmia's label and Belviq's label. It compares results from Belviq's Study 3 and Qsymia's Study 2.

      If you like, I can send you the spreadsheet if you want to double check math,etc, but all of the data is in percentage form; so for instance if the clinical data table information was written in terms of mg/dL (Cholesterol), I converted to Percentage.

      Qysmia 15mg/46mg Qysmia 7.5mg/46mg Belviq
      Placebo Adjusted Results Placebo Adjusted Results Placebo Adjusted Results
      HbA1c %
      -0.300% -0.300% -0.500%
      Fasting Glucose %
      -3.387% -2.252% -15.500%
      Heart Rate %
      2.344% 0.832% -2.216%
      LDL- Cholesterol %
      -2.800% 0.400% -0.864%
      HDL- Cholesterol %
      5.600% 4.000% 7.978%
      Triglycerides %
      -15.300% -13.300% -3.282%

      In Summary, Belviq seems to be considerably better for Diabetics in all categories, three exceptions being, and correct me if I am wrong (I do not have a strong background in medical science).

      High Dose of Qysmia reduces LDL(Bad) Cholesterol by 1.936% more
      Both Doses of Qysmia reduce Triglycerides by around 10% and 12% more than Belviq.

    • Yes but you think that this data is good for an obese person? If an obese person loses 35 lbs I would applaud them, but they probably still have a bad BMI number and they will not really lower their risk factors much at all...Your data suggests that 97% only lost 5-10 % of body wt....cant save the planet.....

    • lol! you are nothing if not pure.

    • Why are you and the other bonehead old blow so desparate that you go to the ADXS board to pump ARNA?. Go back and pump on the ARNA board. You are nothing but a spammer.

    • I am sure I am causing cognitive dissonance here, but i did look at a dozen other companies, including the actc, or whatever the symbol is, that i was accused of being somehow "like," before migrating to this board. I stayed here because of the caliber of the discussion, the minds, the sincerity and conviction, and I did really like onebite (hopefully he has now sold)....I thought the other stock was a 'marketing" stock with a marketing ceo..nuff said...

      but as somebody who has made and lost many millions in the the stock markets, i must be objective about this one. blah blah blah.....sorry

    • Across the board.

      63.9% lost AT LEAST 5% BW
      34.7% lost AT LEAST 10% BW
      Top 25% lost AVERAGE 35lbs

      do not listen to the fudsters. There are two reasons why I am in this stock, and dropped a pretty good stem cell stock like a hot potatoe. First, the stock is going to the moon, based on the fundamentals I earlier expressed; second, one must wonder, why is it not trading right now at 20 bucks a share. Answer: wallstreet bet on the wrong stock. wallstreet bet on vvus, also recently approved by the fda, with its reforumlated speed drug, that has a dozen huge impediments to actual use, and to shareprice success, including foremose patent issues.........yet, for several reasons, the fast money boys bet on the speed drug, wanting the fast institutions own or owned like 75% of the shares, whereas retail, the dreamers, the fools, bet on arna, where the percentages are, or were, precisely the now, here is where we are: arna got clobbered by the shorts and wallstreet on approval, as all biotechs get mugged in the dark alley by the wallstreet thugs, and wallstreet is attacking arna, so they can get the stock out of the hands of retail, so we have this huge pullback. trust me, retail aint selling, nor are the doctors and the medical establishment that are lining up behind arna, not the sleazebags and vvsu, where management has sold almost every single share they own, upon approval of their has been sellin the last several months, almost every share they have. the company has like 35 employees, managment now owns .29% of the we get this wonderful little window to load up. trust me, it wont last long.....

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