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  • mengjohn mengjohn Jan 20, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    The Logic behind ADXS share price and the myth of "Pump and Dump"

    This stock and the science behind our main drug line is stunning this stock will explode this year! I know the shorts and bashers are going to try and hold this down as they have their own agenda to keep. Just don't fall for the P&D #$%$ and all the other excuses they are throwing out these are all tricks to get you to sell out so they either make money on the short position or they buy your shares cheap! The P&D logic is so 1990's way to many Hollywood Movies watched by these people. Here is logic; stocks increase in share value based on future expectations of the company in ADXS case these expectations are huge!! But still even if a companies expectations are huge the stock still has to be "seen" for "found" by others there are over 250,000 ticker symbols out there so spreading the good news is always important though some people call this pumping. Stocks decease in share value as investors get bored with the investment or the expectations decrease in this case some people got tired of waiting and left hence the drop in share price. But this is the year for ADXS so the excitement is growing!! Spread the good word this is not P&D so get real this is logic people a new treatment or possible cure to one of the biggest diseases in the world is massive!!

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    • stockangel1 Jan 21, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

      That makes perfectly good sense to me! Thanks for posting the logic this stock should do very well this week and if news comes out then forget it, she'll really take off.


      Stock Angel

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    • And something that would support the new rise in share price is that TM and others from ADXS have made many presentations at investors/financial/hedge fund conferences over the years....Even if they didn't buy in at the time, would you not keep a company like this on your short list of future opportunity?...When the mid dose data comes out I would think there has to be over 50 investors that can afford to buy 1 million shares and they would be new longs.......Thats 50 million more shares not out there for low price flipping......dmj

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