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  • daytraderak47 daytraderak47 Mar 2, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

    The future of ADXS

    What a really exciting time to be a shareholder of ADXS! There's lots of speculation on whats going to happen March 6th during the CC. Posts every hour with new theorys, scare tactics and observations.
    Partnership? Results? Licensing agreements? Dilution or Reverse Split? Financial agreements? BMY?
    What's Mr Moore and company got to say thats so important that it would require a CC?
    I've accumulated a healthy amount of stock waiting for the big news just like everyone else, and now we have to wait another few days to see what ADXS's future holds

    The news could literally be life changing for many on this board! The company could literally outline a blockbuster of information and strategy that could propel the PPS rocketing up.
    They're NOT showing up to announce dilution or a reverse split, if that were the case a PR would have sufficed stating they are in the need to raise capital to continue funding ongoing and future trials. A reverse split might attract more institutional buying, but the facts of the matter are if they have successful trials and good/great data, raising capital would not be an issue. And from every indication from the company, other than financing, on clinical trials have produced or they have speculated that the results are positive.

    The company has an arsenal of homeruns that could be hit during this CC. Any positive information on the CIN 2/3 results, any current or future trial involving ADXS-HPV, H&N , CC GOG, Anal Cancer and or positive information pertaining to ADXS-HER2/canine osteosarcoma is enough to get any shareholder giddy. Then we have the BMY/UPenn/ADXS CC coincidence. Just imagine what could be if it were not a coincidence. Results from UPenn? ADXS finalizing a partnership with BMY? ADXS announcing positive information on any construct? I'm very excited to see what happens come 3/6! The rewards far out measure the risks with what could actually be annouced.

    Fasten your seat belts, this could be a amazing! GLA

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