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  • fgsltwthghobs fgsltwthghobs May 22, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    Take a deep breath

    We earned it but whatever you do, don't you dare relax or do a victory dance. THIS FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN. How MANY times did I say this was comming?! How many different ways did I say it. It's their arrogance and their lack of respect for us that makes them so predictable. Did you notice that they won't even confess to reading this message board. That's because our daily activities are beneath their dignity. They are truly ate up with the idea that they exist on a higher plane. They not only come to the table with no money, but then they try to act as though there's a negotiation when the ONLY THING ON THE TABLE IS...O-U-R M-O-N-E-Y. OH but wait.....there's more. Then they tell us that we should should give them part of OUR money (first 150 million, now ONLY.... wait for it......are you ready...... here it they're going to let us off the hook for just 75 million). Ya just gotta hand it to em. These guys are special. They're wasting cyber space with this garbage. I TOLD YOU THIS WAS COMMING. Vote no on ALL OF IT this time and every time they propose this garbage or you WILL REGRET IT.

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    • I want the meeting cancelled and Tom Moore removed as CEO--I will not vote yes on any MNGT proposals until the meeting on the 5th is cancelled and Tom is gone--end of story--Lets stay strong here.

    • Fgs, I agree. We are not there yet. While the modified proposals are a step in the right direction they still unfairly stack the deck against current shareholders. The benefit of uplisting is one issue, which is a good one, but these proposals take that much further by way of dilution we have never seen before, which will erode our investment even more than the 50%+ most investors have lost to date. It boils down to how the proposals align management interests with those of shareholders, and as they are currently written they are not aligned with our interests.

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