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  • mcaeroinv mcaeroinv Jun 6, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    As Expected....

    It was evident that another proxy would come out. However, it is disappointing that ADXS is consistently making one change at a time. This is because with each change they win over a few other shareholders. They do not want to "give too much" or at least more than they will have too. This is understandable in any negotiations. However, it is coming across as unprofessional. We are still in the SAME boat as yesterday. Why? because the Omnibus Incentive plan was a separate line item up for vote and could easily be voted down by the shareholders.

    I venture to assume that even the shareholders who were swayed to vote "yes" on an R/S actually voted "no" on the OIP. Therefore, all today's action amounts to is a press release by the management saying, "hey, we heard you." Not the same as, "we heard you and understand and will realign our request with the majority direction."

    I will not vote in favor of the R/S of 1/125.

    ADXS Management, please stop dragging this out and put out a much better alternative R/S option based on what you are hearing as feedback.

    Predicting how this is going to move forward, I believe that another proxy will come out. Unfortunately, based on their behavior to date, I expect it to be more like 1/70. This will be the difficult point in my opinion simply because shareholders seem to be getting very tired of all these proxy changes and we may have some simply role over.

    Isn't it obvious, they do not have the votes to get this done! It is embarrassing for the company to now be on Proxy #4 and still so far away from shareholder's opinions. I know we can hold out and force a much better option.

    Heck, Blue - based on all of your comments, I bet the best thing to achieve your desire is to not have the proxy changed anyfurther. This will certainly get voted down as it is. This will take away from "management's bite at the apple." I would venture to guess the continuously unacceptable revisions of the proxy are continuing to hurt SP.

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    • I, also voted no. I have never seen a group of shareholders get together and fight management for what
      is their interests and not only for management's interests. This is truly unique. We have the power and must not waiver until they propose something which will make sense for both sides. I will only consider a RS from a position of strength, otherwise, historically, we will experience major dilution and severe losses. Onebite..
      change your vote to no for now and wait to see what they come up with.

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      • i agree 100 percent.This managment thinks they are doing a great job of negotiating where they are actually #$%$ us off.... No means no you guys. What are you going to do next take out the Question mark out of the next proxy. wth are they doing seriously. On adjustment at a time. I know you guys are trying to get shareholders to flip flop on every new proxy, but you are going to be 4 56 7 89 proxy deep then decide whats right. Grow some balls. you are the head of the ship Thomas Moore, why dont you grow some balls and put it all out there, to have some credit for the mess you made.

        This one by one shyytt is not working for me or any one else.

        VOTEING A HELL NO!!!!!!!!

      • I think Onebite has agreed to do this (in another thread)

    • Just voted NO again. We are making progress. We need to stick together. Thank you.

    • I agree p-4 would never pass, still a no hear, but they are getting closer to the votes they need and that could be bad for us all they started proxy1 at 70-1 to 200-1, proxy2 125-1 they knew proxy1 would be hard to pass so proxy2 gave a little and now they believe have enough or close to it to pass I'am looking for 50-1 but know 70-1 would be there lowest offer all bet are off now .mop

    • I agree as we'll that management can and will have to do better. Also how does this look to companies that are interested in us. Not a very good job of getting a brand name out there and airing out the laundry on a message board and giving select share holders a call. If the science is there which it appears to be, how close do you think we are to what others have mentioned about takeover or buyout?

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    • Agree. They're trying to pick-off some shareholders to get approval of the 125:1 split.... and will not propose a lower ratio until they tally the new "yes" votes for the reverse. DO NOT GIVE IN.

      I'm voting against the reverse split until I see a proxy revision closer to 50:1. IMO, once that proxy is PR'd, the shareprice will rise on that news alone... as it will signal the reverse will not happen until ADXS is in a better position of strength.

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      • gajj_4 Jun 6, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

        I believe that we are making progress. the initial proxy question 1 suggested a min r/s of 70:1 so management has pretty much said that such a split is acceptable. Now we just have to get them b elow 50:1 and add a trigger price

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      • Guys, if I dont see Tom announcing that he is stepping down and the R/S stays at 1/125, I will reverse my votes and help the proxy fail. I wsih the R/S wasnt neccesary but I have always believed that it would be and though I know I stand to lose short term because of it, I believe that with better leadership the R/S will be a strong positive. That said, I do not believe that Advaxis has much in thew way of a prosperous future with Tom Moore in command so if the board does not act to replace him before the 13th, I will reverse my votes; thats a promise.

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    • dargonian-knight Jun 6, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

      This is really starting to #$%$ me off, and it's becoming extremely insulting. I'm definitely not one that's going to roll over, no matter how many times NO has to be said. I hope others feel the same way.

    • Mcaeroinv, I agree with you. I hope that we will all hold together to get a better outcome for shareholders. It is frustrating to watch management spend so much time and effort trying to call shareholders ( although I, personally, have not heard from them) when that same effort could so much better be spent in trying to establish relations with BP and seeking better options for ongoing financing. It is pathetic to see them chasing after shareholders in such a disorganized fashion.

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      • I agree with all said so far in this thread ... still voting no across the board ... They are listening, but have not heard us.
        1:30 to 1:50 is an acceptable r/s IMO
        Separate CEO & COB positions
        Hire Professional IR/PR firm (can be done after Proxy) but solicitations should be out beforehand and ... drum roll ... open up nominations for the BOD / write in votes for BOD ... not just the Commie style of pick 5 of the people we select for you!

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