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  • mcaeroinv mcaeroinv Jun 10, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Latest Move Is Dissapointing

    It is my opinion that with this latest move, the tactics our management are taking are to say in the least disappointing. To me it is similar to trying to hold a gun to our head.

    It is my take that the letter released today is not professional and will only serve to further hurt the already "on life support" share price we have. Are management saying, "do what we ask or we will hurt this stock further?" I would never have thought like this until now. But it seems very odd to me that they issue a letter "airing ADXS dirty laundry" in a press release.

    Now, it is out in public that:

    1) They barely were able to raise funding last year.
    2) At one point they had just over $200 in their bank account.
    3) They are happy they have "survived" this long.
    4) Dilution is inevitable in their eyes.

    Who would want to buy shares coming in new to this?

    I was trying to be reasonable in my previous posts and try very hard to offer the benefit of the doubt to our management through this difficult period. Today, they lost my support.

    Yesterday, I posted about selling the company. I now believe this is the way forward for all of us. It is only my opinion, but, I have had enough with this.

    Let's sell the company and get the following benefits:

    1) The science we believe in will be able to be progressed by a company that will have more ability.

    2) The current shareholders will be able to get off this train wreck.

    3) We no longer will need to deal with existing management.


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    • mca,

      Have you been able to communicate with the Board? I have sent previous communications to the Board through Diane, but I don't suspect she forwarded those to the BOD (this is exactly the reason she should not hold the position she has). I think it would be worthwhile to request a call with independent board members to express concerns over leadership and fiduciary responsibilities.

    • 4 people voting thumbs down on an outright sale of the company? What? Seriously? The proxy isn't going to pass Tom and Dan too many disgruntled shareholders tired of Tom's mistakes directing our FUTURE at ADXS!

    • This is all I want! SELL OUT Tom and lets all leave with a little dignity before you take us under with your stupid shareholder letter! You are not equipped to run ADXS or take this science to the next level??? Ya got to be kiddin me, how unprofessional that you come out and SHOUT to all people interested in ADXS that if you wait long enough you can buy out the whole company for .01cent a share? You have to be the worst CEO and COB ever !!!! If you RESIGN and step down as CEO and COB I will VOTE in favor of 1/2 the R/S and 1/2 the amount of authorized shares outstanding that is my word. YOU have to announce your resignation as both CEO and COB effectively immediately !

    • bump

    • my sentiment exactly. this post needs to stay on top all week..

    • Another valid option if for everyone who is tired with the whole thing is to just sell and get it over with.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • mcaeroinv--VERY LONG TERM share holder is correct.

    • Mca,
      After reading the latest public press release I am baffled by the lack of leadership from this company. As you stated airing the dirty laundry and not to mention exposing the great rift between shareholders and management. I am in total agreement with you that the company should be sold. They have made it clear that it is their way or whatever will be will be. Instead of coming back yet once again and changing the proxy they have no interest in finding a balance. The best choice would have been to cancel the proxy, wait for Orphan staus approval which would increase the pps and then announce a new proxy while having a shareholders meeting and having a 2 week grace period to decide.

      What I believe will happen is that the proxy will fail and the company will continue to plug along as they have. If we get Orphan staus (which I believe we will) this will allow us the tax breaks and interest from more investors. Yes, it is not the institutions we would all want but BP will take notice and something will get done. It won't be what Dan expected since he doesn't want to make a couple of million, he wants the clout and 10x times which only management can incur. As I stated a long time Dan is running this ship now and the news release indicates he thinks he needs to dummy down to the shareholders. Sorry Dan, we are a lot smarter than you think. Back to the drawing board and do your job which you are more than capable.

    • I can`t even put the words my anger with some of these stupid beyond reason shareholders that would believe anything MNGT would tell them at this point-How does the company think that TOM`s sickening pay package is deserved under the circumstances of MNGT`s incompetence.These guy`s are all thieves and they`re not getting my shares.Vote to withhold all BOD members if you want to save yourselves from being pick pocketed.

    • Who determines the price on selling the company everyone knows we are weak so we will get a weak pps interesting parties will wait until the last dime we have is gone and take what they want at the price they want to pay mop

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