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  • fgsltwthghobs fgsltwthghobs Jun 14, 2013 4:39 PM Flag


    My brand new break-even is now a little north of $14. According to tom's assurances re: s/h value, I'm sure we'll make that not later than the end of august. If you haven't already looked at your brand new break-even, do yourself a favor.....don't!

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    • looking for the orphan drug new and then jump this boat, nothing is left here , plan to hold for a while since management is no longer trust , 70% loss already .

    • Enjoy your 125-1 reverse stock split!

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    • Maybe you should be more concerned with the break-even of the lives of the cancer patients ADXS is working to help, which if successful, will benefit your investment albeit not necessarily on your timeline.

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      • fbgO, We will Always have cancer, we won't always recover loses from our investment here. We invest to make money. BP says that there is No money in a Cure, the money is in treatment. Any company that provide a cure for anything is not making money after those treated are cured. I invested because I think ADXS has the better treatment and that means a greater return on my investment. If your concerned about cancer patients you should donate your funds to a cancer group looking for cure. The stock market is where you put your money to make money. In order to break-even for me this has to reach $15 andd I'm not feeling it now.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I`m crashing hard-never thought they`d get it passed-still don`t know what to tell everyone I got into this to do now,because I don`t even know myself.

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      • maydaymaydaymaydaymayday maydaymaydaymaydaymayday Jun 14, 2013 10:52 PM Flag


        The conversation is not going to be pleasant. Emotions will run high, feelings will be hurt and relationships may get strained & ties may be broken. But if they value you and your relationship, they will come around. It may take time but they will. Time is a great healer. I have come to realize that it is not a good idea to mix up money and family/friends. Money makes people do "funny" things.

        At some point, I will have to sit down and evaluate my options going forward. I could not believe the current proxy passed. But that is the fact and we have to accept it. There will be open forum/town-hall style meeting within 60 days time frame, if Thomas Moore were to keep his words. We may have opportunity to ask more questions and may be management will share more details about the future and business strategy going forward during the town-hall. I am contemplating waiting until then before deciding what to do. Hopefully R/S does not occur before that. One fear that I have is that with the looming R/S and threat of dilution, new investors may be hesitant to step forward no matter how good the news are. So we may remain stuck in this range even after getting positive news on orphan drugs application front. And management may not be left with any choice but to go for the most extreme R/S ratio.

        I have significant amount of my personal savings invested here. It would take me several years to recoup my investment if it were to get diluted into oblivion after the R/S. But it was my decison to invest in this company 2 years ago and I take full responsibility.

        I have learnt a very important and expensive lesson: Regardless of how ground breaking the science/technology may be, if you have doubts about the management, never consider investing in the company.

        Let us hope shareholders who were against the proxy are proven wrong. I do not like to be proven wrong, but this is one case where I am praying to be wrong.

        Good luck to all of us.


      • Tell the you're an idiot and not to listen to a damn thing you say any more! Tried to tell u it was a lock!

    • Oh, I'm somewhere around $20. If they do the R/S and uplist I'll be first in line to short. I'll have to try to make back my losses somehow and with TOM at the helm its a easy decision. Especially when they start talk about "going alone" on PIII. Without millions in private investment it will never happen.

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