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  • smartthough smartthough Nov 6, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    The R/S was too Great

    Now there's not enough shares for big investors. Any news that will send this stock to the moon will be bought up by the big Pharma and friends. They'll own enough shares to force the sale of the company. Then the buyer will get this jewel for peanuts. Unless they do a forward R/S to safe guard that from happening. Some is going on here. What, we'll have too wait and see. I wonder what the share price would be if they had failed to get Orphan status. Somebody is controlling the pps of this stock for a reason. Block Buster !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If some big pharma decided that they wanted the company rather than a partnership they wouldn't care what the share price was, only what the market cap was. Right now the market cap is under 50 million. I don't know how much it would cost to buy 51% of the company. Most of my shares would not be available any where near the current PPS.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • When you invest in a stock,you need timing ,luck and the knowledge you can gather by doing your own due diligence.What we got served to us here is white collar criminals stealing all the value in the company that long time shareholders carried on their backs.If we break even at this point we`ll be lucky.This company has the best revolutionary cancer treatments I have ever read about,with the least side effects also.The fact that we`re at this price after we were totally fleeced with one of the largest reverse screws I have ever witnessed is beyond disgusting.We are victims awaiting our final fate,whether we wait years to break even or even more to squeak a tiny profit,the whole thing is like a nasty scar that won`t ever fade.

    • There are plenty of shares for big investors ... they just have to offer more $$$. Very surprised that the price was held this low following the Issuance and confirmation of (2) ODD's.

      As for the forward split right now ... not much point! Other than to drop the SP and risk delisting ... not very smart.

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