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  • nitetrade nitetrade Feb 20, 2014 11:26 PM Flag

    The good and the not so good?

    I am looking for a quick why or why not to investigate further. I have seen the basic public info. What are the "real" things going on? Let me know. (BTW it might appear stupid to ask this type of question, but sometimes it proves fruitful, or not) . Usually, real longs, will state both sides. I always have when asked.

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    • There are many reasons to invest here. I will give you a quick list of the most important highlights:

      No Debt
      Very low float (around 14 million shares)
      Analysts just start to cover adxs (with price targets of $12 and $18)
      Institutions are loading up (over 7% ownership now, which is up from 6% last week)
      Insiders are buying as much as they can (The CEO puts 25% of his salary here every month)
      We are starting various phase I trials (also one for PD-1)
      A license with a major pharma for a Vet drug is imminent (as per CEO)

      In addition the adxs platform can be adjusted for a limitless amount of indications. It is cost effective to produce and we have two partnerships under our belt already. There may even be a chance of adxs-HPV being approved in India (maybe even Taiwan and China) this year or the next, resulting in actual revenue.
      We can feel that the interest is picking up and I believe that the mc should be around 200 million at least.

      Now the bad points:
      A small bad point is that a $50 million shelf offering was announced a couple of days ago. However, it was stated that it will be used only from time to time if needed. So there will not be a $50 Million dilution one day, but it will be put in smaller portions. However, ADXS does have close to $20 million in cash at the moment, so there is no imminent need. It is my understanding that the price will be significantly higher when it will be used and may not be used at all since it can also be a great bargaining chip with potential partners.

      Moreover, it was announced that the management is planning on increasing the shares they can issue by 20 million. This can be seen as bad or just forward thinking, as our CEO Dan needs to have flexibility.
      Another sour point here is a proposed increase of the employee incentive plan by 2 million shares (but it seems that this may be reduced in the near future, due to investors voicing their dismay)
      Furthermore, there are many longs that were burnt by the previous management ( I

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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