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  • fbg0316 fbg0316 Mar 20, 2014 9:06 PM Flag

    Dr. Robert Petit

    Great call today, especially Dr. Petit. When he spoke, it reminded me why I am still excited to be an ADXS investor. He is passionate about his work, competent and professional. When Mr. O'Connor spoke, I got this sinking feeling similar to how I used to feel with Mr. Moore, thinking "sounds good but is he telling the truth?" Really though, great work from all the ADXS team. A major collaboration like this with four constructs and potential milestones exceeding $50 million is a big deal, especially for a company of ADXS' size. As the day progressed though it felt like a bad dream. No market reaction. To me it drives home one overriding point: the market doesn't trust ADXS management and until the OIP is removed or revised we aren't going to see any kind of valuation we deserve (realistically I think ADXS should be around $200 million at this point). I hope ADXS management gets it this time. What they underestimated in their plan to pull a fast one on shareholders is that no one wins when you're dishonest with your investors (by releasing a statement eight months ago saying you removed the OIP proposal because you were committed to aligning your interests with your shareholders before turning right around and issuing insiders huge unauthorized share awards, changing from options to RSUs and throwing the OIP back on the table). If ADXS management thought somehow this would be overlooked, they were mistaken. Not just current shareholders, but prospective investors, smart money, etc., picked up on it. When ADXS management sends a signal that their interests are way out of line with their shareholders and they are dishonest about it, why would new investors want align themselves with a company like that?

    One thing that impressed me today was how gracious and respectful Mr. O'Connor treated Dr. St. Peter and the opportunity to collaborate with Aratana. If he would learn to treat his own shareholders with the same respect he could really start to unleash ADXS' true value.

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    • Hes not qualified to run this company.....Period. We`ve already seen what he can`t do,I`ve had enough---We have to vote him down fbg

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      • Blue, IMO he's doing a good job advancing the company operationally but he's doing it in a way that benefits employees at the expense of shareholders, which is not consistent with his fiduciary responsibilities. That's what get OTC companies in trouble so much and why institutional investors won't invest in OTC companies. ADXS is on NASDAQ now, so he need to run the company in way that is in alignment with the company's shareholders. That can be corrected through the proxy. It may not erase the stunt he tried to pull over the last eight months, but given that ADXS is significantly undervalued and on the right track fundamentally, restoring investor confidence in management will go a long way in terms of improving our market valuation.

      • Lets see how the next weeks come about . At the end of it all adxs management will get the picture that is being drawn out by not us not them but the market . The oip needs to go mr ceo...
        I thought aegis would boost this up . On a pr like this what happen?

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