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  • jamessalmon40 jamessalmon40 Apr 4, 2014 1:38 PM Flag

    Something else to talk about

    For a few hrs thought I would give us something else to think about.

    Have over the last few days thought about how do I get some of the money back I am down on my current holdings in ADXS. Have not sold any ADXS by the way.

    So I have been buying into some risky stocks that have massive upside potential, so if anyone has any others I can look at let me know.

    Bought into ILNS, SVFC and MDNT

    I really like the chances of all of these, but not without risk.

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    • gajj_4 Apr 5, 2014 9:45 AM Flag

      looks like you are trying to 'invest' out of desperation. not very wise. you can't keep looking for home runs. good way to go broke.

    • Don't think you can lose with CTSO.
      Good article about it today in Zacks, maybe this link will work

    • I have just been following along here for around two years now. I have stopped myself from buying because I keep seeing more downside risk. I actually was going to buy at this $3 area, but stopped myself with more red flags going up with the dilution at such a steep discount. Decided I will not enter unless the PPS gets down to $2.50-2.60 area. So, I will wait and see.

      As far as stock recommendations, the three you have chosen are beyond my understanding. Putting money into two stocks with valuation of only $2m is crazy. The other one is laughable based on the letter I just read on marketwired. Look back at that stock including old volume (none by the way.) Something is seriously wrong. Are they just printing shares because that is what it looks like to me???

      I would strongly suggest the uranium sector over anything biotech. Nuclear energy is not going away. With spot prices at multi-year lows again, the mining stocks are pulling back some again. Two companies will have very low cost operations and can actually still have margins selling into these spot prices, URG and URZ. Look at the charts on both. They have already rallied quite a bit. The recent high for both was right around $2. Getting these back in the $1.40-1.60 area will lead to great returns in two or three years from now. I fully expect a minimum of 100% return on either and maybe 2-300% when uranium prices really move back up. If anyone wants to know more, you can find my posts on the URZ board.

    • James check out genvec GNVC. They are partnered with Novartis for hearing loss and are about to start phase 1. Unfortunately I missed the 1000% gain but I bought in at 2.47.

    • James: Risky stocks with MASSIVE upside potential: try looking at LNCGY (symbol of Linc Energy (AU) in the states, traded mainly in Singapore as TI6) and UNXL (a Texan tech Co.)

    • james.look at DD.

    • d_moffat Apr 4, 2014 2:21 PM Flag

      bpth seems like a strong buy at this level

    • Wow....i never thought i'd see a post like that from u. But i guess its just a sign of what has happened here......sad.

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      • Well I still have my ADXS holding, but have to say the current price and talk on the board has been making me feel pretty low. Just thought I would add another discussion as to what I am doing while I wait for this proxy thing to sort it self out.

        Also getting ideas from others on the board.

        Had pretty good result with Kerx and INO a while ago turned $325 into around $5000 in about 6 months. So looking to trading and holding some other risky stocks with this money and a bit more. Have placed $5000 into each of the above stocks, now if 1 or 2 make it big over the next year, and 1 fails then life is good.

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