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  • inveterate47 inveterate47 Jun 16, 2014 5:36 PM Flag

    What percentage of the vote is held on this board?

    Does anyone have an idea of the percentage of the shares that are held by the Yahoo message board? Last time we went through this process we had a pretty accurate count of the "no" votes and were able to get a sense that the proxy was in trouble. Is there any estimate of what kind of strength we can muster? We haven't heard from Onebite in an age - he used to have a substantial number of shares. Are we now out-voted by the new institutional investors?

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      • Yeah, i used to have a nice n cozy relatively big position........until DO n the greedy minions leveled the living shyt out of it....i hope that never happens to u....believe u aint a good feeling. And to see auduro clean our clock w/the type of partnership we've been yearning for for years and amid the sharegrab n such with the PPS n MC the way it's been?? And then that raise at 3 at the bell ringjng??? And then havjng SHs dechiper the $$$/RSU/recycle trail to our dismay.....twice??? OMG.

        We're prob the only co in the history of the Nas that leveled the PPS w/a big discounted cap raise the day of a bell ringing...ever...just guessing but.if anyone knows that stat, feel free to share.

        Hoping for the best, but unless corp governance improves, prepared for anything....props 2 n 3 should be shelved until 2015 and the CG issues completely resovled.


      • If I remember correctly ... we tallied about 78 million shares last year for the #$%$ ... that's about 6.2 million today shares ... I'm sure that number has gone up and down, but i would think we are someplace near 6 million shares among posters.

    • Just voted my 22K NO...No..No Wish I could vote my options also as this is a disgrace.

    • ADXS still has very little institutional ownership (the lack of corporate governance and ethically questionable actions of Dan O'Connor over the last year have been a red flag for institutional investors). What we do have by way of institutional ownership is largely through index funds buying all constituents in a given market (e.g., small cap or all cap) like Vanguard. I could understand that companies that have positions in ADXS through indexed strategies could vote in favor of the proxy proposals if they vote passively along with management. Other than that, I can't think and any reasons that a shareholder who is interested in protecting the value of their investment would vote in favor of Prop 2 or Prop 3.

    • I suspect we have a larger stake today than we did a year ago ... it sounds like many added over the past year on dips and dives!

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