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  • dawg7676 dawg7676 Jun 17, 2014 11:59 PM Flag

    The $3 Investors

    Some posters have expressed a concern that the shareholders who recently bought in at $3 per share might consider supporting Dan O'Connor and "his all-you-can-eat-RSU-buffet" (Donjay, May 2014). Right now, assuming this is their first position in ADXS, they are sitting on a 6% gain which is hardly something to write home about. So what have these new shareholders observed in their time as ADXS shareholders? They have observed an attempt by the CEO and Board to award themselves an enormous amount of RSUs in a questionable, underhanded and unethical manner. They have witnessed the failure of the CEO and his team (many of whom the CEO hand-picked) to add value to ADXS' market cap while companies that are clinically behind ADXS (i.e., INO and Aduro) have experienced extraordinary market cap increases and/or major BP partnerships. They have witnessed an investor call in which the questions were limited to those asked by the company-friendly investment bankers who have profited heavily off of the capital raises. They have witnessed an ugly, drawn-out proxy process.

    I hope all new shareholders recognize this: Advaxis' CEO and BOD have dug in their heels on the proxy which speaks volumes as to what they think of the shareholders of this company. They will repeat this behavior in the future - you can bank on it. If you give them what they want now, they will only demand more in the future and YOU, Mr./Mrs. $3 Shareholder, will be left wondering what could have been but for the self-serving policies of Dan O'Connor and his colleagues.

    No shareholders - neither new nor old - benefit from these proxies. So vote them down. Vote them all down. Make the CEO and Board earn their stock awards - tie them to stock price/market cap milestones ($10 and beyond).

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    • gajj_4 Jun 18, 2014 9:37 AM Flag

      If anyone has voted in favor of management they can change their vote any tiime up to the meeting.

    • Well said Dawg! Dan O'Connor should be granted 5,000 warrants each year at $10 and 5,000 at $15, same or less for the other clowns. In Dan's case he already makes an outlandish salary for tanking his company and presiding over the biggest debacle in NASDQ bell ringing history...showing immense signs of retardation or severe brain impairment. We really need a new CEO and BOD, but everyone here already knows that. Under competent leadership this is still a $20 stock, maybe even $30, the question is how do we get there.

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