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  • mosze_blks mosze_blks Jul 1, 2014 6:35 AM Flag

    Simply an Amazing amount of accomplishments:

    Accomplished more in a few months than Moore did in several years. If you think he should be working for only your benefit, stop dreaming and face reality!!!! He should take whatever is available to take and if I get a smaller share of the pie, so what...... He and his crew have achieved more than most Directors and CEO's normally do; even in several years....... Sell your shares and move on if you are so disgruntled with DD & his gang. No one will miss you and your constant nagging. It's time to stop all of the BS you keep on handing out. I seriously doubt anyone could have done a much better job in such a short span of time. Speak only for yourselves, for you are clearly just as greedy and do not want to give a larger shae of the pie to those who actually do and did the work. Go elsewhere and preach your negativity.....

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    • gajj_4 Jul 1, 2014 6:51 PM Flag

      AMAZING SHARE PRICE ALSO. wow, am I impressed with our management's focus on feathering their own nests.

    • gajj_4 Jul 1, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

      down .07 at 3PM today. with all the accomplishments you allude to how do you explain the paltry share performance?

    • Nothing personal but your post should have spent more time reviewing his accomplishments than berating this board for being impatient with his lack of focus on shareholder value. In the end, the only thing that matters to those of us who are not DAN groupies is the PPS. Its an investment not a love affair GLT2 U & A

    • Sorry, but the capt. ain't cuttin' it, imo. We need a scientific-type, a respected industry lighthouse, Phd with a biz background & experienced CEO w/patents n peered reviewed publushed, running this show.... Look.who actc brought onboard to right that ship....and paid big bucks for.....but i bet their BOD believes the benefits down the road will be far worth it.....and i think SHs over there cheered that move cause their stock went higher.

      Time to do the same thing here.


    • gajj_4 Jul 1, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

      what has his successes done for share price? what do you think the reason is for our current depressed share price? we know that the science holds great promise. we also know that current management cares little for its shareholders and only seeks to line its pockets at shareholder expense.

    • mosze_blks,

      You are forgetting that most of the accomplishments Dan has achieved in his first 12 months were started well before Dan became CEO. Also, the deals completed were not impressive compared to other more typical bio deals which shows a lack on our current CEO's part.

      Its not about closing the deal. Its about closing the right deal.

      Many investor's (including myself) are disappointed with the current management and performance as we have been around longer than the current management and a lot of the BOD. Therefore, we do have a pretty good history and understanding. Our opinions are not "fly by night" and based simply on greed. Greed is characterized by impatience. Most of the posters you are referring too, have shown extreme patience with ADXS.

      Your opinion seems to be that you are fine with the current management and what they have seemed to accomplish. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to is to try and bully others who have a different opinion.

      Good Luck to you!

    • Wow, 5 posts in a year! Well, I'll certainly listen to you.

    • He also executed an ill-advised capital raise at a 40% discount. And here we sit at $3.15 (2.5 cents pre-R/S). So one could argue he should be thankful he's still on the payroll.

    • Let me guess,you own your shares at 2.50 right? Dan should be in Handcuffs,maybe your DAN.

    • HMMM, ten percent of the company for one year of work on top of a very good salary. Apparently people won't work for just a salary anymore they want to hold a gun to your head and take whatever they can get even if it means ruining the company in the process. Wallstreet is watching and they are not liking this temper tantrum laden CEO that we call ours.

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