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  • rohntimm rohntimm Mar 13, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    New Public offering coming

    Posted on TDAmeritrade that CERS will have a public offering coming soon. NO price was mentioned. The stock went down to about $3.75 and quickly rebounded. The news isn't out on Yahoo...interesting to see what dip there is tomorrow and where the stock ends up. Once we get over $5.00, the mutual funds can buy this stock and it will have more coverage and higher volumes.

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    • Offering was listed at $4.20 per share and underwriter was Cowen. Now 3 weeks from announcement. What are your thoughts?

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      • Interesting performance. Usually after an offering the stock falls back. The shorts have again come back into the stock but there are no posts from the shorts here. In fact very little interest from the small traders here re the # of recent posts. The stock acts like it wants to go higher. Demand on the closes has been strong in the face of the shorts trying push it down.

        The fundamentals on the stock are getting stronger. The Swiss recently came out with a very favorable report re the improved results of using intercept vs the results prior to what they used before. Methinks the day of the breakout is getting closer & closer. But I've been in the stock for many years with a large position and am now seeing profits rather than the losses I saw for a long time. So, based on past enthusiasm that was misplaced, I am cautiously optimistic. Maybe with some changes in Obama's team for his second term the FDA will get off its #$%$ and get this approved. I know that if I had to have a blood transfusion I would want Intercept treated blood!

    • Check CERS on nasdqDOTcom and you will see that many funds already own these shares. In fact, the ownership listing and number of shares held is impressive for a $4 stock. The list and shares have expanded greatly over the last year or so. Interesting that the public hardly seems aware of this evidenced by the number of posters here. geezer

    • more than likely 4.00 a share..................unless it drops more..i hate when companies surprise us with a stock sale.

    • And now you know why the stock has been artifically pumped so high. $5??????? in your dreams, The question really is now can CERS get FFP FDA accepted in USA before they go bankrupt? If the clock strikes 2015 and no FFP sales in USA its all over.

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