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  • benditlikebuffett benditlikebuffett Apr 1, 2004 9:23 AM Flag

    I was wrong about netfilx


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    • Does the car have a built in Taser? LOL

    • Gator, that is SWEET...I may get one...I just need one with 400HP...LOL

    • << u plug it into a wall in your garage or what?...>>

      Have a 240vac charger hanging on the wall in my garage. Charges at the rate of about 30 miles/hour of charge. I also have a seperate time of use meter (TOU) that costs about 5 cents kwh when I charge between 10pm and noon. (Regular rate is about 13 cents.) It's on a timer, so the charger turns on around midnight and is full by about 4am. This is my 3rd electric. I also leased (they wouldn't sell) both Generation 1 & 2 of GM's EV1, probably the greatest car ever built. (Looked like a Porshe.) At the end of the leases, they recalled them and sent them to the crusher. Didn't want any evidence remaining of how great the cars were. Why didn't they want to produce them? NO PARTS AND NO SERVICE except for brakes and tires, and brakes lasted 100K miles because of the automatic built in electronic braking (regeneration). Capitalism at its finest. This is my 8th year of driving full electrics. The auto companies were required by the state of California (AQMD) to build a percentage of zero emission vehicles if they wanted to sell their ICE cars. So they sold the absolute minimum, about 1000/year for a couple of years till they decided to sue the state and get out from under. They won (fed rights overrule state rights) and immediately ceased the programs and began destroying the cars. Like the car companies buying up the rapid transit lines and tearing up the track. Same o, same o.
      No smog controls, no transmission, no oil changes, no exhaust system, no tune-ups, no sound, no you can drive single in the car pool lane and park and charge free at LAX (airport). It's like owning another TV set. Turn it on turn it off.

    • is seriously un-analizable...

    • that sounds like a stealth reco...

    • > But I invest for present gain.

      Looks like GH is finally hitting upon a style that suits his temperament...I have always told him he should trade (and I mean trade) off the charts, looking for businesses he could be comfortable with...but mainly just be a momentum buyer...

    • oh for the record. i have been double door knob flat dead broke wrong about Level 3....just wanted to clarify for the uninitiated...;-) in fact I don't recommend it to anybody. it is DANGEROUS MATERIAL...Beware.

    • >I think it's foolish to invest with a six-year time horizon. Lots can happen in that time.

      Just a few observations: 1) The best guy ever invests with an even longer time horizon & 2) Investing with a long time horizon and investing for the here & now are hardly mutually exclusive...and the fact that a lot can happen is PRECISELY the point & 3)it is hardly cricket to compare the BEST investment in your life with what even LM would admit is something that isnt working to plan just yet...emphasis on yet...but you know what, time will tell...its like GLBC for me...that is a mistake. It isn't the market, it isn't the MM's, it isn't the press or the shorts, or some other BS was me being wrong...but that is what portfolio's are for. and the great thing aboout this business is you can very easily tell who the winner is. Just look at their stack. All the rest is talk...and as your boys, the Eagles said "tell all your girl friends, your been-around-the-world friends, that talk is for losers and fools"...

    • >>I am merely suggesting that there may not be a business mailing little plastic disks to people indefinitely.<<


      But I invest for present gain. 30 percent a quarter. NFLX may be huge in VOD. Who knows?

      For now, 30 percent a quarter.

    • George a big part of any "growth" company's valuation is the terminal value...that is, after a certain point, what can this company earn to INFINITY, discounted? I am merely suggesting that there may not be a business mailing little plastic disks to people indefinitely. And, that that may effect the value of said business someday...

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