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  • georgherbet georgherbet Apr 23, 2004 11:08 AM Flag

    hi, kart et al - re ucoma

    what's your take on ucoma here? as many of us know, the stock has been languishing at best here for some time. any ideas of why? too diluted?

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    • I'm gonna take a nap at 1pm after the markets close...gorgeous day in the bay area...need a nap before a nice afternoon run...i may take up golf just so I have another excuse to take off early and enjoy the sunshine...just one of the perks of Gator and Kart's antiquated investing style...

    • Why don't you post your question on the UCOMA board? Always lots of useful advice there, if you're in the market for a shoeshine.

      My guess with UCOMA is that Malone lack of details related to his spin off and notes offerering has created a lot of uncertainty that the market doesn't like. I think we'll have to get a earnings report and more time under our belt before the stock will move up.

      Panga said that he stayed away from it because of it's lack of transparency, and he is likely not the only one.

      we shall see.