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  • musicmann182 musicmann182 May 14, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    bloomberg are amateurs..... WE HAVE OUR SUPER SLEUTH

    tracking certain peoples buying thru the internet and recommending those same names to her friends...thats right u know who you are,,,,of course they sell immediatly and hurt those who try to invest long term....this too will go ahead flag me .

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    • You aren't referring to me, are you?

      I certainly hope not. If so, you've got me wrong.

    • I've noticed similar this earnings season. It happens all the time - massive selling on the earnings announcement, even when good - like here.

      But, you/we are smarter than them. They are in it just for the short term to make their 10 or 15 cents (which is a pretty hefty percentage here), but you/we can see past that and beyond the short-term - isn't it why we bought the stock in the first place? The market is filled with obstacles these days and the stuff you point to, the HFTs, etc. all complicate it for long-term investors. However, in the long-term, fundamentals always win out.

      The company just turned in an excellent quarter/report. Most likely, the remaining quarters for the year are also going to be profitable and show excellent growth as the company expands its FTTP footprint. Unfortunately, we have to sit tight until larger masses realize it. Don't give up your shares because those folks trading on day to day aberrations take the price down and scare you - which is what they try to do.

      Eberwein is going to keep buying, and I follow him. He's already proven to me that he knows what he's doing. If the stock gets taken down further, I'll just bite my tongue and buy more.

      A year from now, once the stock doubles again, we can look back and laugh about this.

      In any event - hang tight. Better days are ahead.