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  • craigbock31 craigbock31 Nov 15, 2012 8:56 AM Flag

    I smell a Rat!

    Just been saying the things that everyone else is thinking-if you dont want to acknowledge that and resort to doing childish behavior then I will call you out-if you want to offer some objective reasons why the BOD over at LTS is doing the right thing by shareholders then here is your forum: please tell us all why their behavior is good for shareholders?

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    • because they own huge positions themselves and it benefits them for the stock to go up.
      But more important unless Dr.Frost decides to replace anyone then i feel he knows better than you or ito decide that.
      None of us can help that LTS ,which is a risky play in good times, and has many more reasons as to why the stock price is down and is still going thru growing pains......insiders have been buying regularly but really even in that its up to Dr Frost to get proactive about shareholders.
      They have kept costs as related to the securities america aquisition in line with revenue IMO. THey paid off a 2009 note just this month. The company is growing organically in triple digits from the broker dealer sideeven while the capitol markets have been depressed. Other than what has been covered in the Q i dont know what you expect from them? Are they not suppose to get a paycheck? are they not suppose to show up on time and make deals? what exactly do you want them to do to prove to you that they are doing their jobs?
      You know craig it is what it is but you know its the boards job to maintain the business model and keep operations costs in control but they wont do it for free.

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      • Spencer, you are not saying anything that isnt obvious which is what I expected. This is all about relative value. The street knows about LTS and who they compete with and the markets want to own RJF and AMP and others-who buy the way have done acquisitions themselves of this magnitude (see RJF recent acquisition of Morgan Keegan). However, if you look at their stocks, they are up and continue to go higher in a year when AUM should have gone up for LTS as well. Instead the stock is down 60%. Thats growing pains? No, thats death. You think its right that in that environment (a loss of 50-60%) they should be awarding options to their board members? In no way shape or form is that the right thing to do. They should be focusing on making money for shareholders. PERIOD. Issuing dilutive options while operations produce losses is so counterintuitive. I dont understand why you dont see that-maybe you never will. Good luck to you Spencer.

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