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  • sslim598 sslim598 Jan 24, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    I will not stop

    I will not stop ripping this thing until management gets a clue and starts making money for all you poor longs-I am looking out for you dont you get it?

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    • sslim = craig = Joey = rmsepler..........all the same person....look back at their messages and see the exact same language....
      Suspicious there is a bit of investment/employment resentment behind the mask.

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      • You are so deluded. Did you ever think that maybe more than one person would agree that management is clueless at LTS. Really doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that a company that loses money EVERY quarter for most of their existence, has a stock that is down 50% while the markets are hitting all time highs, a management that keeps giving themselves dilutive options for losing said money is a D-O-G. But it is clear that you slip and you spencer and you icemandios just dont know what you are talking about and are the furthest human from a rocket scientist that the world has known. People share your view, people share my view but some stupid consipiracy that we are the same person is just childish. Believe me, unlike you, I have a great job and dont have the time or the inclination to play the multipersonality game that you are playing slip or is your name spencer too?

    • I totally agree. Management can create profits NOW, by cutting commissions, salaries and bonuses. The insiders can do this. Are they acquiring NOW at low prices and will soon began to show profits? Maybe an insider will let us in on the timing?
      Ah it will never happen! Right?

    • Sad guys but wait 5 minutes and they will really beat this thing up. You all should be calling IR and management and imploring them to do something for you. If you dont it will continue to bleed lower. Just reality. Sorry.

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