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  • electdon30 electdon30 Feb 28, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    692K shares bought last 20 min

    anybody here see what's going on. ? they stole shares today ... dropped this down so they can accumulate...I like this stock long term... it's a crime what they are doing, but it is what it is.. Rev was up .. EPS was inline ... 2013 will be better than 2012... stock is trending up.. at 8 month high recently... don't fall for the trap

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    • time to turn this baby around... enough is enough... stock points to higher trend with better revenue and better yr ahead... all vessels are active.. financial improvement coming with cost restructuring past yr

    • its not the market that hates this stock.. It's organized crime.. pure manipulation .. when there is a major sell off there is all red. .. that's not the picture today... there was a huge amount of buying...

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      • Who're they?!?!? Aliens, maybe? Or members of Bush's cabinet in conjunction with the executive wing of the Bilderberg Group? "They" are all in cahoots to take away the $11 thousand you have invested! Hahaha... 692k shares out of a float of close to 100 million is negligible. If the "powers" that be really did manipulate this to pick up a pittance number of shares a quarter less than yesterday, then they made a whopping $150 thousand....Ooooohhhh, man those manipulators are good...picking our pockets!

        Maybe instead of conspiracy theories on basically a penny stock, you should think about what the earnings are saying about this company. Please examine 2011 vs 2012 results. There is no improvement. Think about how much earnings they would have to generate to actually make money and it doesn't seem as if they could do that much business.

        You yourself have said this management is incompetent, why would you give them the credit to turn this company around?

        Sentiment: Sell