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  • aanooch44 aanooch44 Mar 18, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    i smell a BUYOUT

    very strong on a big down day
    what else can it be??????????????????

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Yup...very strong..up a whopping 2 cents. This company is going no where. Revenue in 2012 was less than in 2011. Incompetent management and aging capital assets indicate this stock is going no where.

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      • You may actually be qualified to disparage the management of this company as "incompetent." I don't know if you are. Would you be able to do a better job? Yahoo's current Profile page says they have 1200 employees & they're working globally, but maybe that's no big deal for you. Maybe you'd be able to manage this co far more effectively than the current top execs. The co's hiring. I just added a long list of job openings which they've posted at their "Emp. Opps." page. Maybe you're a man of character. Maybe you'd like to demonstrate your superiority by starting at the bottom & rapidly working your way to the top, so you could claim you'd bested everybody. This co's work is inherently dangerous. It requires training & licensing. This co hires highly-qualified, experienced, people, many of whom are probably "tough as nails," roughneck-type guys. Look at some of the job qualifications. The top mgrs of this co may have worked their way up through these jobs or they may know these jobs well. "Offshore warehouseman oiler" might be the least-demanding job which is listed by the co now. Here's a description, from "Atlas4jobs": "The Oiler is in charge of watching over duties performed in the engine room or on deck as well as maintaining the oil levels of all of the equipment in the engine room & on deck. In addition, it is also the responsibility of the Oiler to clean the equipment, machinery & work areas that are controlled by the Watchkeeping Engineer. The Oiler assists the deck engineer or other engineers when maintaining or making repairs to equipment, in addition to performing any duties ordered by the Watchkeeping Engineer. It is the responsibility of the Oiler to take care of any emergency duties according to the Station Bill or Muster List for the vessel. The Oiler must make sure that the daily activities of all members of the crew are carried out safely, & the impact of such activities coheres to current env .regs." Go to it, man!

      • I agree. A buyout would come as no surprise... heavy institutional buying for past 10 days... Friday was no different with 700K bought near close... Moving up

      • Reggie you are a loser.. a sore one at that.. I pointed out to you all the inside buying and the stock is moving up on nice volume... You need to move on and get over it