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  • electdon30 electdon30 Mar 18, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    Shale boom will be big for DVR

    DVR will have a lot of work coming up... natural gas will be huge

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    • You seem to be confusing onshore with offshore. Hey, it's easy to do. For example, just consider the opportunities for a marine diving company in the coal-mining business. Why stop there? If the economy finally begins a normal cyclical recovery from The Great Recession then myriad opportunities will open up for DVR's underwater divers (yes, that's redundant, but it looks like emphasis might help in this case) in forestry, agriculture (no, not aquaculture, I said agriculture), road-building, the erection of office towers in American cities, etc. This is a DIVING company! THEY GO DOWN UNDER THE WATER! That's why they chose DVR as their stock ticker, you know? DVR = DIVER. IF U CN RD THS U CN UNDRSTND THR BSNSS...

    • DVR is an OFFSHORE marine contracting company, specializing in "manned diving" services. (It's not a deepwater sub-surface oilfield services company, which provides sub-surface services in ultra-deep water by using submersible remote-controlled equipment. DVR's divers operate with shallow-water breathing equipment or they're supported by "saturation" equipment, including hyperbaric chambers in which the divers are housed on board ship while they're working in deep water.) I believe shale "plays" are all on-shore. I've not seen any reports of the exploitation of "tight shale" offshore. I'm sure the geological formations extend beyond the shoreline and occur below the ocean floor, but are you at all familiar with the "horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing" techniques which are used now to exploit these resources on land? It doesn't look like you are. Water and fracking additives are injected into the land wells under extreme high pressure. These fluids surge back out of the wells and must be managed carefully at the surface. Fracking is encountering resistance due to environmental concerns. I can't see how those problems could be controlled at sea. I stopped reading Barron's almost a year ago. I found so much trash there. You've cited what looks like it's no more than a glorified press release by "StockCall," in London. I wonder if "StockCall" knows what they're talking about. It doesn't look like they do.

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