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  • reggie_212 reggie_212 Apr 15, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Oh yeah! Closing in on 1.60!!! Look out below!

    Hey Dumbo Don? Still loading the boat?? Hahahaha.....enjoy being last on the creditors list when they file Chapter 11....

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    • Gawd I hope it goes to $1.60. That way I can buy a boat load more at an even better price. Keep shortin Reg.

      • 1 Reply to crewrider61
      • Yup...I'm sure people who bought gold a few weeks ago at 1500 thought they were getting a steal because they could average cost down. And now they can buy even cheaper today! Just like you can with DVR.

        You're missing the forest for the trees, my friend. Think about what this company does and whether they can do it successfully. Revenues have been coming down because they're losing pricing power as competition strengthens. Think about how much EBITDA they have to generate to justify a decent valuation and tell me that's possible. Think about all the broken promises from senior management....2012 was supposed to be the turnaround year.....Cape Wind was going to make this a $10 billion company....etc. With capital assets aging fast (imagine if they had to invest in new assets and buy more ships?!?!?) time is running out fast....