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  • thejohnnynumberfive thejohnnynumberfive Aug 10, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Mexico equals dead stick spiral

    It's funny, but Cal Dive really doesn't seem to get it with all the PEMEX stuff, or maybe they're just desperate. They do the Mexican hat dance every 7 years or so. They get these great contracts, they send everything they have down there to soak up the work, and it ends up nearly driving them bankrupt. So they crawl back up to the Northern GOM and struggle back again, only to forget why they left Mexico in the first place. Heads up people, what nearly killed Horizon? Mexico work. Well, that and horrible management, but still. What's even funnier is, they've got a DP DSV down there about to have its class cert pulled because their dive system class has expired. That was smart. Up to you, but I wouldn't sink a dime into this dog.

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