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  • mrnatl mrnatl Aug 11, 2008 11:40 AM Flag

    Antonelli Ousted??

    One of the final remnants of Cloutier's Corny cadre has been shown the door... "retired" at 51, and ousted from the board!

    Doesn't seem as if Rick could be charged with primary responsibility for the present disaster that the Millbrook acquisition has become?

    Any ideas as to what could have presaged RA's fast fall from grace?

    Could it be the Funkster's further consolidation of power in the West?

    Also strange that RA's responsibilities would be "consolidated within"... leaving a VP/COO position unfilled? Perhaps a necessitated hasty decision with little time for succession?

    What say you insider sages?

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    • so, i had a chance to catch up with some folks "in the know" on the left coast and they best described it as saying RA was the poster child for the Peter Principle. He had done nothing when he was shipped out West and was considered a buffoon. He was lucky to have good people below him and support above him who knew that he was just a figurehead for the east for those customers who knew him. That's why the west thing did not work out as he did nothing to solidify relationships. MF knew this all along but as long as the ship was not sinking, he was safe. Not sure if RA was pushing for Millbrook and he probably thought they were buying Millcreek...the old body care line! No reason to feel bad for him as he leaves like the rest of the deposed corporate heads as a millionaire with a nice exit package that makes a small stockholder like me want to puke. Not bad for a "retirement" package for someone who would be virtually unemployable if he had to look for a job without assistance from the likes of Townsend and Cloutier who you mentioned. And finally, from my perspective, not filling his role sounds like a testament of him being just a title and having zero impact.

    • Insiders say Antonelli was fired and his Napoleonic protege Beaudry is next on the chopping block. The axe finally falls fast on senior management in the east. UNFI is better off without the three stooges: Townsend, Puckett, and Antonelli.

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      • Napoleonic? That's doesn't seem so bad.

        Emperor of the French (1804-1814). A brilliant military strategist, he deposed the French Directory (1799) and proclaimed himself first consul and, later, emperor (1804). His military and political might gripped Continental Europe but failed to encompass Great Britain. After a disastrous winter campaign in Russia (1812), he was forced to abdicate (1814). Having been exiled to the island of Elba, he escaped, briefly regained power, and was ultimately defeated at Waterloo (1815) and exiled for life to the island of St. Helena. His codification of laws, the Napoleonic Code, still forms the basis of French civil law.

        Now, if yo are making reference to height, maybe you should grow up and stop name calling. Name calling is an act of a desperate person.

    • Must say this is a hasty departure--the reason(s), who knows?

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